Original Angel Sermons by Pastor Buck in 1978/79

new Many thanks goes out to Randy Schroder of Missouri for converting the original angel sermons from cassette tapes (recorded in 1978 and 1979) into .WMA (Windows Media - Audio) format in Dec. 2009, and the .MP3's in March 2010. These original sermons are also available in written form (transcribed by Timothy Holt) on this web site TRANSCRIPTS HERE. Visit Tim's Blog at www.InspiringYourFaith.com

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Abundant Life
Streaming Audio 59:19
Download WMA 4.99MB
ipod_icon 59:19
download_icon_mp3 10.4MB
Action in Heaven
Streaming Audio 42:52
Download WMA 5.16MB
ipod_icon 42:53
download_icon_mp3 7.29MB
Angels Food
Streaming Audio 54:25
Download WMA 4.99MB
ipod_icon 54:24
download_icon_mp3 9.26MB
Angels on Assignment
Streaming Audio 51:07
Download WMA 6.16MB
ipod_icon 51:08
download_icon_mp3 8.73MB
Streaming Audio 56:12
Download WMA 6.76MB
ipod_icon 56:26
download_icon_mp3 9.63MB
Streaming Audio 52:20
Download WMA 4.80MB
ipod_icon 52:20
download_icon_mp3 8.93MB
Day Appointed
Streaming Audio 52:41
Download WMA 6.34MB
ipod_icon 52:41
download_icon_mp3 8.84MB
Day of Discovery
Streaming Audio 1:08:40
Download WMA 8.47MB
ipod_icon 1:08:40
download_icon_mp3 12.02MB
Discerning His Body
Streaming Audio 55:06
Download WMA 6.63MB
ipod_icon 55:06
download_icon_mp3 8.73MB
Discovering Your Potential
Streaming Audio 53:45
Download WMA 6.47MB
ipod_icon 53:43
download_icon_mp3 9.17MB
Divine Breakthrough
Streaming Audio 50:10
Download WMA 6.04MB
ipod_icon 50:07
download_icon_mp3 8.56MB
From Gods Viewpoint
Streaming Audio 58:07
Download WMA 5.33MB
ipod_icon 58:09
download_icon_mp3 9.93MB
God of the Valley
Streaming Audio1:03:07
Download WMA 7.60MB
download_icon_mp3 10.77MB
God's Family Plan
Streaming Audio 55:48
Download WMA 6.89MB
ipod_icon 55:48
download_icon_mp3 9.77MB
God's Privileged List
Streaming Audio 53:47
Download WMA 6.47MB
ipod_icon 53:49
download_icon_mp3 8.91MB
God's Warning Signals
Streaming Audio 49:05
Download WMA 5.91MB
ipod_icon 48:35
download_icon_mp3 7.84MB
God Wants You to Know
Streaming Audio 51:17
Download WMA 4.71MB
ipod_icon 51:15
download_icon_mp3 8.75MB
Good News
(first announcement of angelic contact)
Streaming Audio1:24:39
Download WMA 10.1MB
download_icon_mp3 11.72MB
He Is Coming Again
Streaming Audio50:12
Download WMA 6.19MB
download_icon_mp3 8.78MB
He Tasted Death
Streaming Audio 48:07
Download WMA 5.79MB
ipod_icon 48:07
download_icon_mp3 8.21MB
Jesus Lord of All
Streaming Audio 53:17
Download WMA 6.41MB
ipod_icon 53:17
download_icon_mp3 8.99MB
Lest We Forget
Streaming Audio 55:46
Download WMA 6.71MB
ipod_icon 55:46
download_icon_mp3 9.01MB
Listen He Calls Your Name
Streaming Audio 34:21
Download WMA 3.15MB
ipod_icon 34:23
download_icon_mp3 5.86MB
Men of Destiny
Streaming Audio 46:32
Download WMA 4.27MB
ipod_icon 46:34
download_icon_mp3 7.95MB
Michael and His Angels
Streaming Audio 29:47
Download WMA 3.58MB
ipod_icon 29:48
download_icon_mp3 5.08MB
Ministry of Angels
Streaming Audio1:00:16
Download WMA 7.25MB
download_icon_mp3 10.28MB
Not Guilty
Streaming Audio 50:37
Download WMA 6.09MB
ipod_icon 50:37
download_icon_mp3 8.11MB
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Pillars of Eternity
Streaming Audio 43:00
Download WMA 5.18MB
ipod_icon 43:00
download_icon_mp3 7.34MB
Portrait of God 1
Streaming Audio 52:45
Download WMA 6.35MB
ipod_icon 52:45
download_icon_mp3 8.90MB
Portrait of God 2
Streaming Audio 46:11
Download WMA 5.56MB
ipod_icon 41:47
download_icon_mp3 7.02MB
Portrait of God 3
Streaming Audio 43:24
Download WMA 5.22MB
ipod_icon 43:24
download_icon_mp3 7.40MB
Ready To Go
Streaming Audio 52:00
Download WMA 4.77MB
ipod_icon 51:56
download_icon_mp3 8.87MB
Religion or Relationship
Streaming Audio 53:38
Download WMA 4.92MB
ipod_icon 53:38
download_icon_mp3 9.16MB
Selected For This Hour
Streaming Audio 41:10
Download WMA 5.80MB
ipod_icon 41:10
download_icon_mp3 8.23MB
Streams In Your Valleys
Streaming Audio 55:29
Download WMA 5.09MB
ipod_icon 55:31
download_icon_mp3 9.47MB
That You Might Know
Streaming Audio 1:06:17
Download WMA 8.18MB
ipod_icon 1:06:17
download_icon_mp3 11.6MB
The NT Church Lives Again
Streaming Audio 52:08
Download WMA 6.28MB
ipod_icon 52:08
download_icon_mp3 8.90MB
The Power of His Word
Streaming Audio 37:59
Download WMA 4.57MB
ipod_icon 37:59
download_icon_mp3 6.48MB
This Is Our Day
Streaming Audio 52:06
Download WMA 6.27MB
ipod_icon 52:06
download_icon_mp3 8.88MB
This Is Your Day
Streaming Audio 55:25
Download WMA 6.67MB
ipod_icon 55:25
download_icon_mp3 9.17MB
Throne Room Experience
Streaming Audio 56:27
Download WMA 6.79MB
ipod_icon 56:27
download_icon_mp3 9.64MB
Throne Room Sequel
Streaming Audio 35:27
Download WMA 4.38MB
ipod_icon 35:28
download_icon_mp3 6.02MB
TV Interview with Paul Crouch
Streaming Audio 41:53
Download WMA 5.17MB
download_icon_mp3 7.33MB
What is God Doing
Streaming Audio 41:34
Download WMA 5.00MB
ipod_icon 41:12
download_icon_mp3 6.92MB
What God Is Like
Streaming Audio1:06:05
Download WMA 8.15MB
download_icon_mp3 11.57MB
What is Normal
Streaming Audio 57:26
Download WMA 6.91MB
ipod_icon 54:34
download_icon_mp3 9.20MB
What Lies Ahead
Streaming Audio 40:53
Download WMA 3.75MB
ipod_icon 45:31
download_icon_mp3 7.77MB
What Meaneth This
Streaming Audio 51:10
Download WMA 4.70MB
ipod_icon 51:10
download_icon_mp3 8.73MB
When God Says Thanks
Streaming Audio1:25:23
Download WMA 10.23MB
download_icon_mp3 12.57MB
Why God
Streaming Audio 55:11
Download WMA 6.64MB
ipod_icon 55:11
download_icon_mp3 9.42MB
World Aflame
Streaming Audio 45:44
Download WMA 5.65MB
ipod_icon 45:44
download_icon_mp3 8.00MB
World In Dilemma
Streaming Audio 54:49
Download WMA 6.76MB
download_icon_mp3 9.59MB
Your Potential and God
Streaming Audio 47:03
Download WMA 4.32MB
ipod_icon 47:05
download_icon_mp3 8.04MB
Zeal Of The Lord
Streaming Audio 48:32
Download WMA 5.99MB
ipod_icon 48:32
download_icon_mp3 8.49MB


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