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by Charles & Frances Hunter, as told by Roland Buck

"Don't be afraid. The Father has sent me to bring a message for you to bring to your church and the world." - Angel Gabriel

Earliest Book CoversThe Happy Hunters

I am placing this amazing true story on the Internet several reasons. First, I still have the same impression as Charles Hunter did about these messages from angels, that "the entire world needs to hear them." In addition to the Bible, it should be obvious that this book is also divinely inspired. Twenty three years after I first read about the angel Gabriel's 27 visitations with Pastor Buck, & visiting Roland Buck's church in 1980, I am still as convinced today as I was back in 1979. Since the Internet began in the 90s, it's time the message take on 'wings' on the WWW (world wide web), in the hopes that yet another person will be transformed by these incredible messages brought to us by special messengers straight from God's heart! Webmaster, Texas ()

Webmaster's Update, 2013: This online copy of AoA is the third printing that came out in the summer of 1979, written by Charles and Frances Hunter after many interviews of Pastor Buck, only months before his passing on . Later editions by another publishing house contain only 15 chapters. This original edition has a chapter 16, entitled "In the Beginning" written by the Hunters, of yet more testimony to what God was doing. Charles and Frances Hunter spent nearly 40 years leading "healing explosions," where they prayed for the sick and taught Christians about the ministry of healing. Known as the Happy Hunters for their ready smiles and quick humor, the couple wrote more than 50 books about divine healing, including the best-seller, How to Heal the Sick. Frances Hunter went to be with the Lord in 2009 at the age of 93, followed the next year, 2010, by her husband Charles, who was 89.

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