Priority 2 : Fellowship and Communion With Jesus

Chapter 13 - Throne Room Experience #1

For some reason this Transcripts is very short. The audio sermon is much longer, 56 minutes. You may just want to listen to it, to get the full message.


On Saturday evening I was seated at my desk, and I was praying and meditating, preparing my heart for Sunday. I had my head down on my arm at the desk and suddenly it seemed like I was transmitted right out of that room. I was aware of the brightness of God's glory. God spoke to me and said, "Come with me into the throne room where the secrets of the universe are kept." And it was like, boom, we were there. Space means nothing with God. While there I had a chance to look over God's shoulder at some things and the things that I could only see through a glass darkly were clear and I could see how the pieces fit together of what God is doing. There were countless numbers of angels everywhere on this earth.


Another thing that was so beautiful to me, the seeming piety that people want to apply to their lives when they think about the things of God was totally absent, there was none of it. Everything was on a light, happy relaxed basis, real brightness. I didn't feel like I was walking on eggs, I didn't have to walk on eggs. I was just there. And I didn't have to think twice what I was going to say for fear I would displease someone, it was just openness. But one thing that the Lord so emphasized to me was, for us to quit worrying about His responsibilities. And He actually let me see people who are trying to produce by how much they can get their mind possibly in tune with Him. And by thinking just exactly right or saying the right word at the right time or thinking the right thing in producing these things. God so emphasized to me, "that's my business, you worship me, walk with Me, and put your hand in mine, and I'll give you the privilege of moving with Me." But he said, "Let me do my own worrying about My business, about what I've promised, because I'll take care of it, I haven't failed in all of this time." Not one word has failed in all of His good promise, it isn't about to fail now.


He let me know that money isn't going to have a whole lot of value, except as it's used for God, as people throw themselves in it for God, but those who will, He will open the channel wide. There will be no limit to what He will bless them with through them. He also let me know that things aren't all that bad here; this earth is a wonderful place. And the whole earth is filled with His glory. He let me see a continued increasing of turning of people to Himself. Not a backing away, not a surrendering of the church, not a church heading underground, but a church triumphant.


One thing He did for my help, he showed me a paper that He had prepared that would pertain to me and my ministry and this church, and others who would be affected by the church. That paper had well over 100 events listed with dates when they would happen, and the names of the people that would be involved. There were events of tremendous victories, and as I saw it, it was like imprinted on my heart. He took me into my office and let me see a lady that had been involved in witchcraft. He told me to bind the spirits and remove them from her and set her free. So I did. On Tuesday night she came to my office, so I bound the spirits and set her free.


I was totally relaxed and at ease with God. I want to let you know, you don't have to put your best foot forward when you're with the Lord because He knows even what your worst foot looks like. No use putting on an act or trying to make an impression, just be yourself around Him. I was seemingly with the Lord for several months. I could have filled a volume of several hundred pages of all of the things I saw. But there's something about the dimension of eternity that you can't quite identify with time. Less than 5 minutes had gone by on my watch. I wouldn't have had time to even have read that paper and digest it in that five minutes of time. That's all of the time that elapsed. But with God, with eternity it's not run by time or calendars. Time is just for this earth.


So eternity isn't going to be a long drawn out thing that you have to start pulling the pages off of the calendar to measure what time it is. It isn't some long boring extension of time. It isn't time at all. It's just a glorious experience of being. I want you to know that things aren't half as bad on this earth or as far out of control as we think they are. God still knows what He's doing. And the numbers of angels are innumerable. It's an innumerable company of angels. If it comes to your turn to leave this earth, don't worry about it because it's not a drag. And if things get bad here don't worry about that either because the Lord let me know that this is still a pretty good place down here. Make the most of it, live it for God and be happy. Use all of the beautiful things that He's put together because God isn't as concerned about a lot of little things that people have put their red flags on as what we are. He asks us to walk with Him and love Him and we aren't going to have to look for all the poisons and these other things, but He wants us to look at what He's doing. The grace of God and the glory of God fill the whole earth.