Roland Buck on Angels

Chapter 43 - Ministry of Angels

God is on the move, He does not want us to put our eyes on the messenger but on the message. But we cannot ignore the messenger and the greatness of what God is doing. I feel almost a feeling of awe when I even talk about God's goodness in bringing messages to His people through angelic beings. Because I know that when I look at an angel and hear a message I know that that message says that God cares about us enough. It isn't the angel that stands there, I think of God who cares enough to bring that message to my heart. It just makes me feel like I love God so much more. Praise God forevermore.


About a month ago I had had two encounters with Gabriel in bringing these messages that I have brought with you. There was no question mark about his presence or the message. Because when he came, he grasped my arms when I was asleep. Wanted to be sure I was awake I suppose and he pulled me right up in bed like that. And it scared the daylights out of me the first time. What would you think if you were sleeping if somebody grabbed you and set you up and was so strong I couldn't even twist around? And I was frightened because there's such an awe there. And when he told me that God had sent him because the prayers of his people had been heard and he'd been sent with the message that God had answered the prayers. I felt better than. Praise God. But even then I had a strange feeling whether or not the message would be accepted or not. Because you don't hear about many of these kind of encounters.


Two weeks after Gabriel came I happened to notice a bluish light coming up from the staircase, and I thought possibly I had left a light on in one of the other rooms and it was just a dim light coming up from the stairs. So I decided to get up and go down and turn that light off. And about half way down the stairs the stairway light came on and I saw two of the largest men I had ever seen in my life. It could have been fright I don't think it was totally fright but I feel that there's a radiation because of the fact that they come from God's presence of divine power.


My knee's buckled and I started to fall down the stairs. The one that was the spokesman reached out and took hold of me and my strength came back. He told me who he was, that he was Gabriel. And he introduced me to the one who was with him and gave me his name. And I've met him since from that time to. His name is Krioni. I assumed from that that all of the angels have names. And no two of them look alike. They have didn't sizes, different hair do's. One angel was a warring angel. And Gabriel is a ministry angel. But a warring angel travels with him. He looked to be about 25 years old. He would weigh I would say close to 400 pounds. Huge, seven feet or more in height.


I asked them, "Why are you here?" They said that the Holy Spirit and I learned some things, some beautiful truths that the Holy Spirit who monitors the whole earth at one time. Academically I knew that the Spirit was everywhere at once but it didn't ring a bell inside until he told me about this. He said, "The Spirit monitors the whole earth and picks up the signals from everywhere. He can even hear the bird as it falls to the ground from wherever it is; he can hear the softest footstep. And He cares. But he said that in monitoring and seeing what's happening through the whole earth, He sensed a massive build up of satanic forces that wanted to attack me.


The Spirit not only monitors but He sends out the orders and so He sent out the orders to go and scatter those enemy forces. I was a little concerned I didn't want them hanging around there if those enemy forces were going to attack. But they said we have already got the job done. I asked them then, what does it take to get the Spirit to send out these forces to help people. And I asked him if it was an answer to a call for help. And he said "no," he said, "If the Spirit waited until we knew about an attack, we would have already been in trouble." And he said "this isn't anything unusual, we're doing this all the time with everybody. We're holding back the enemy forces, we're scattering them." Then he asked me to take a look out the window and there were about a hundred warring angels in the driveway. And they were just casually chatting with each other. And it made me feel pretty good that God has ways of taking care of His people. He told me about the spirit of iniquity that is working in the world today, and an attempt by deceiving spirits to try to get God's people sidetracked from embracing the Living Christ. Christ wants to be a living, pulsating person to every one of us. But he said there's a tendency today because of these deceiving spirits to cause people to take their eyes off of Jesus and what He is doing. And heap to themselves teachers longing for the Bible to be so dissected and put into pieces and categorized that it loses its life. But he said, feed on it, let it become the Living Word to you. Hallelujah. Not just some columns of truth or opinions of men divided up.


He referred to Christ being known as a blackboard Christ or as a diagrammed Christ, or as a printed Christ, or even as a flannel graphed Christ. He said "Instead, He wants to be known as the Living Christ walking off the pages of the Word with us." This was a message that I felt was so terrific, but he did say that through these other things that sound spiritual. He said people would be ever learning, by the time they learned one type of a study or an opinion it's kind of out of date and they've got to start again. Over and over again these people are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of truth. But he said, "feed on the Word," don't settle for the dissected word to where it's all torn into little bits and it's analyzed in its sections. Keep it the Living Word. This was exciting to me because there's no substitute for Jesus with you and in your life.


Then he told me a little bit about the different ranks of angels. There are the praise angels, the worship angels, there are the ministry angels, and there are the warring angels. But he said regardless of their function they all have one highest purpose and that is when the name of Jesus is sounded in heaven or on earth they have to fall and worship the name of Jesus. Praise God. Because He's so exalted before them.


He talked to me about how everything God has promised is already completed as far as God's book in heaven is concerned. In trying to help me understand I have a very crude diagram that Gabriel took a pencil that I had in my hand and I was writing some things that he gave me and he drew me just a rough sketch of a picture frame. Everything God has promised is complete in this, but he said here in a little ole spot we often will look at something that we don't think is done yet and that whole thing fills the frame and hides what God has done. But he said when you look to Jesus instead of the problem, he used the verse when you pass through the waters of trouble, He will be with you. He said if you look at the waters of trouble it will hide the picture. But if you look at He is with me, then that little piece that looks so ominous to you has to shrink back in it's place and you see the whole thing complete. Everything God has promised, all of our why's our complete in Jesus. Praise God.


These angels were back a week ago Sunday morning. And Gabriel spoke to me a long time. That was when he spoke to me about the real meaning of Jesus' death. I saw that it was not physical. He said his soul suffered and was pressed to death. It wasn't his body; his very life faced that death. And when he told me about this, I sobbed I couldn't help myself. Then he said, "Let me show you now what happened after that suffering and death, and the crowning of Jesus as our great High Priest as He went into the presence of God. He left the throne of heaven as a spotless Lamb, He came back laden with the sins of the world with the filthy garments upon Him and then this garment was taken from Him and destroyed and removed forever where it will never be found. And then the crown was placed upon Him and a new robe." Then this angel said, "You know what happened when He sent forth His Spirit?" Jesus said I'll take of the Father, I'll receive of the Father the promise, and I'm going to send Him out to you. "But let me show you how it actually happened." And he let me see Jesus as the Lamb that was slain as the sacrifice lying there still and dead. But then as He was before the throne of God this Lamb stood up in resurrection, but instead of a Lamb standing up, it became a mighty ram that had 7 huge horns on top of his head. He let me see it as John saw; he said that the horns in that day represented power. When they spoke of the horn it was always the horn of power. And he said that the fact that this ram had 7 of them spoke of the completeness. The number 7 is divine completeness wherever it is used in the Bible. And this ram had 7 horns speaking of complete total power. And he said, "This is what Jesus meant after the resurrection when He came down and walked with his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 where He said, "All power in heaven and earth is given unto Me." When Jesus came forth from the grave, He came forth with all power in heaven and in earth. Then he let me see the Holy Spirit being given to Him. And it was likened unto 7 eyes and he gave me the references for this. In Zechariah 3 verse 9, the permanence of what he wanted to picture, he showed him seven eyes and a stone because a stone was so enduring and the Holy Spirit is eternal. Stones were considered eternal in that day so in order to let him see it and fit with his own thinking he let him see it as a stone with these 7 eyes. But those eyes represent the different capabilities of the Holy Spirit which is ours.


Then he gave me the reference in Revelation 5:6 where this Lamb was seen, and that Lamb had the same seven eyes as he rose. And that's the Spirit of the Lord, the seven is the complete knowledge, complete understanding, complete power, all of these things the seven again is the completeness. So what he's telling us is that "all knowledge, all understanding, complete, and all power is given unto Me and lo I am with you always."


Some one asked me if the angels mentioned anything about the return of Christ and they hadn't so I asked Gabriel if he could tell me anything about it. He said that Jesus is coming but it's something that God had reserved in His own knowledge; he said that everything else that's been predicted he has the timeline except this, for God has kept this in his own power. But he did say, "I can tell you this, that there has never been such excitement and activity in the courts of heaven since Jesus came the first time as there is right now." He reemphasized to me the fact that these ministering angels are out there working and bringing people, and he emphasized again that we must gear up and we must be prepared to help these people that come. And then he gave me a little bible lesson, he said, "you have accepted the teaching that Jesus is the door, but God wants you to know that you are the door. And that when Jesus said, "as my Father sent Me so I send you" and as He is so are we in the world, and He's given us not only His Holy Spirit but He's given us His job. We are the door then. People can't find Jesus as such in this world but they can find us. And we become the doors all over the place. And he wants us to take the same authority these angels are taking and not listen to anybody's objection, when they come.


Not everybody that comes your way will be brought by the Spirit, but God wants you to be sensitive enough to where if you hear the words that they are saying or sense the discouragement or in some way he indicates to you that this is one being brought, he wants you to be on your toes and ready to pull them on through. Let them know that angels are at work and that if they cannot get the angels out of there hair by saying I'm just going to refuse I just don't want you, it's because they won't listen to that. They'll start the cycle all over again. And if they refuse again they'll start it again. But they don't get discouraged. They've been working with people too long. They're taking their orders from heaven. He said we're the door.


He also said we're the living word. When we feed on the word we actually become the living word. When we feed upon the word of God we become the living word. And we give the word to people; we can speak in His Name. Then we get his authority as we read in John 20 where He breathed on them and He said receive ye the Holy Spirit. Now you can follow His authority, whosoever sins you remit as they come God's way and they say Jesus I accept you, you tell them, that's what God asks you to do. When you sense that sincerity you can tell them that God has accepted them. You don't have to let them stumble around in a fog. Waiting for them to tell you what salvation is. God has made you the authority, you're his representative. And you can say because of this and God will back you up in everything you say. He said He would. Whosoever you free he said I'm going to free.


A week ago Sunday when I went downstairs and this big warring angel was in the kitchen chatting with another warring angel, the two of them were there. Gabriel told me that he had to go and take care of a problem that someone in the church here was having. And these angels were picking up messages in the Spirit all the time. The first time I actually saw them when they would get these messages they would converse together but not in English. It was evidently a heavenly language. They would talk together back and forth. They would pick reports I suppose of great victories. They would just laugh and they got so happy about some of the things they were hearing. Gabriel went to the door and he said, "I've asked Chrioni to stay here in your house with you during this time that I'm gone, but he said I'll be back. It seemed so strange, while I was looking at him he just literally vanished. There was no flash or sound. I was looking at nothing. I was talking with a firm solid individual and the next instant there was nothing, he vanished.


When I found these two in the kitchen talking, the first time this warring angel couldn't speak to me because he had not been directed by the Lord. I went in the family room to write down some of the things that Gabriel had told me. I didn't know that these others were down there. I started writing and I heard them talking and I heard the deepest voice that you could ever imagine. I went around to look in the kitchen and when he saw me he said that God had given him permission to speak with me. And that he would be glad to talk with me about some things that might be of interest. Well I didn't really know what to ask him, I knew he was a different kind then Gabriel. The clothing and skin glowed. There eyes were like balls of fire, they were of compassion like you could feel it. It was just like holes that seemed to be able to look right through you. I could see why when John saw Jesus; he said His eyes were as flames of fire.


I asked him, "What do the angels do in between the times that we know of their appearances because I said there were 300 to 400 years that went by in the Bible before we read anything about them or heard anything about them. How do you keep from getting bored? He looked at me so puzzled when I asked him about that. He said well all of those appearances were times that the Lord just happened to open the people's eyes so that they could see us. He said, "We're busy all the time, as long as there are people around to take care of," he said, "we're just busy as can be." They're already in eternity. Time means nothing to them. Age is nothing to them. They're already in eternity.


They mentioned of the work that they were doing. He talked about different things than Gabriel did. He said that God cares for people so much. That human beings would never, never know how much God cares for them, even people who hate Him. He cares for them and loves them. And they have to take care of wicked people, ungodly people. They are taking care of them all the time. He said, "You could never know the love of God, it's just too great, you could never comprehend it." And he said that it was so amazing to them how that people could curse and hate God and turn their backs away from God but God would never turn His back on them. Because He loves them so much and His arms keep reaching out to them. Hallelujah.


I asked him "could you tell me about one of the greatest experiences that you've had." He said, "one of the most exciting and was vivid in his memory was when he helped lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt." Again I was reminded how old he must be you know. But he said, "God gave us the right, told us to punish the Egyptians in any way that we wanted, we could use any of God's weapons to punish them." He didn't say it was fun but he did say it fixed itself in his memory as a real tremendous time as a great deliverance when the sea was pushed back. He said God let them use every form of punishment that there was on the Egyptians. He said they threw lightning bolts at them, they shook them up, they pulled wheels off their carts. In reading the Psalm I find out that that's exactly what they did and it says there that there was not one thing that God used to punish man that he didn't use on the Egyptians on that day. Then he told me of another interesting time, when Israel was on a forced march. They had orders not to interfere with man and with what God was doing in man's normal course of life. But there orders were to intervene, but not interfere. He told me about Israel being weary. And they had another real terrific experience, where a whole bunch of these warring angels made ice balls. Israel was too tired to fight and God already decreed that Israel would have the victory and so they had to have the victory, but they were too tired to fight and they would have got wiped out. So he said these angels took these ice balls and threw them down on top of the other forces, just blasted them with ice balls. And he gave me the portion of scripture and it says that God threw hail stones at them but he said they were ice balls so I suppose it means the same thing. And they didn't just fall, they threw them at them.


I asked them about modern times. He talked about helping people in these days like creating fog for people to hide in, bringing up wind and other things. He said there's so many ways they're helping people. He said you can't imagine it; we're always doing it, ministering to people. Things that people think are coincidence he said, "We're just on the job." We haven't realized the forces that God uses to get His job done. Paul said, "every one of them are sent forth of God to minister to those who will be heirs of salvation." God doesn't want us to worship them but He does want us to be aware of them.


Gabriel did tell me there would be many people because of their desire to witness what He's doing in the work of God through angels that they would be fantasizing, that they would be bringing reports here and there, "I saw an angel here, I saw an angel there," but he said this would be something because of people's imagination that would be normal. But he said there will be definite times but they will come not with just the imagination but with the awe and the tremble, people's eyes will be opened. He said most people would not see. But he did say that to those people that God was just as near, that the angels were just as near, that they were doing God's work and protecting them just the same as what I have heard. This made me feel good. I hate to be somebody that's different. He did tell me that I wasn't any different, that he's working with everybody.


If nothing else could happen because of this service that you could feel that love that God has for people. He wants people. He's not willing to let them go. He wasn't willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. And He's making that effort today. And this is what God is doing today, was God's backup plan. People will oftentimes grieve the Spirit as the Spirit would call and draw them. They grieve the Spirit by their rebellion. That they discourage people from talking with them. He said these angels are instructed not to listen to any objections at all when they come. They cannot be discouraged.