Roland Buck on Angels

Chapter 45 - Visitations Overview

Two in a half years ago God took me right into the throne room and let me see some things that really set a little stage for the angelic visitations. While visiting God in the throne room, He spoke to me about this earth and the conditions on this earth. He said there were two ways of looking at things here. We could look at them the way that they looked or we could see them the way they really are. There's a ground level view. Many, many people are looking at things just from ground level. We hear all of the bad rumors that come. We hear about gas going up to two dollars. Well so what. God knew about all that. He put all of this together. So in talking to me about this He said that Isaiah had a very similar time. He reminded me of Isaiah the fifth chapter and the last verse where Isaiah was complaining. He was giving a little expression of what the world looked like from ground level. And he said there is darkness, blackness everywhere, what are we going to do? And then all at once God said come up here and take a look. And let him have a vision of Himself. And then he started speaking in different terms. And he said my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts. Is that the same place I was looking at? He said what I see now is an earth that is filled with the glory of God. The whole earth is filled with His glory. God is still in control. There are some things that we feel that sting us but God, our God is in control. Praise God.


This experience that I am referring to happened on January 21st of 1977. I was just finishing up on Saturday night getting me ready. I had a message that was all ready, but I like to soak up in the Lord's presence and feel that if I didn't have a solitary thing to present I would still have all of that life and that love that God pours in you know. And I had my head leaning on my arm when suddenly I heard a loud voice say, "Come with me to the throne room where the secrets of the universe are kept." I didn't have a chance to say, "Well I'll think about it." I didn't even have a chance to say I think it's a good idea. I was there. I was in the presence of God.


I've had at least a thousand people ask me what he looked like. You know I never even thought to look. I was conscious of a tremendous light beside me. But I wasn't curious; God seemed to have pulled all that curiosity away from me. But there were some things that troubled me a little. I knew it was God and He was asking me some things that had to do with positions and my own personal life. And as He would talk with me and ask me questions, if it would have been Brother Gordon I might have trembled just a little bit. But if it would have been some of my friends I could have gotten by faking it, giving out fairly decent information. But I knew that was God. And so I was very reluctant on answering. And God sensed my nervousness. Can you guess what He told me? He said, "Relax, I already know you and you can't prove anything to Me anyway." And I've been relaxed around God ever since. Praise God.


God isn't uptight about anything. He knows that Satan isn't going to take things over. He knows He's in control. Satan does not have a plan that he's following. All he's doing is a little pestering and a little delaying action for the things of God. But actually Satan has no timeline that he's working on. It's God who has a timeline. Satan isn't even quite sure what God is doing. But he's trying to hinder things along the way. But our God is right on schedule. He allowed me to see some things that were so utterly fantastic. One of the things that God allowed me to see while I was there was a glimpse of the great archives of heaven.


Now I didn't die and go to heaven and have the opportunity as some people have of seeing all of the beauties of heaven, the green hills and all the things that are there. And by the way I might say right here if you hear ten different people describing their visits to heaven and they all sound differently. Don't feel that their all a bunch of fakes and they ought to get their heads together before they put out their story. You see, heaven is far greater and more vast than this earth. And if ten different people from parts of this earth would describe the world even, they would all describe it differently. Because after all they spent a life time on this earth and they can't even get together. But how in the world would somebody in heaven for fifteen minutes know what all of heaven is like. But God didn't let me have that type of a view. He had something that He wanted to give to me to share with people that had to do with His great unfolding plans. I wasn't quite aware of all of the things that God had in mind, I still am not aware of all the things, but I'm seeing the pieces of his great plan unfold.


He allowed me to see these archives and let me know that God has a detailed plan for every life. This really shook me up. I saw those archives reaching as far as I could see. I said, "How in the world could He do this?" He said, "They're here, the plans and blueprints for every life are here." He said that there were only a few that He pulled out and actually recorded in the bible. But that didn't mean that the others weren't recorded. There were some that were recorded so that we could have faith in what the Lord was doing. Cyrus is one of those that He recorded or that He actually spoke about. Years before Cyrus was born He said, "He's going to build Me a house for Me over in Jerusalem." I was so staggered by seeing all of these plans. And God saw that I was staggered. I could not quite grasp or comprehend something that was so vast. God said, "Let me show you a book, one of these blueprints that maybe you can relate to a little bit." So he pulled out one that said R. H. Buck on it. It didn't say R.H. Buck on it but I knew it was mine. He said it was. And so I thought this is going to be terrific, I'm going to be able to look over. I've always wanted to know what God's got planned in here for me and so I was going to peek a little bit but God said, "no, you can't do it." He would not allow me to see it. But He said, "I'm going to pick out a few things that are just a few little markers along the way. There would be a lot of things in between. I'm just going to pick out a few little things that you are going to see in your ministry or that you will see as far as the world is concerned in your life, in the next couple of years that are before you. But not by any means everything, just a few things."


And so He prepared a paper for me that had 120 of those things on it. There were dates, names, places, and events on it. At least 20 of the things had dates on it; God was really getting Himself in a box here. Well, He wasn't in too much trouble because He had four billion or more other plans out there and a lot more than that and He had dates on those to. These were just simple things that He picked out. Then He said, "while you're here I'm going to show you not only the plan book, the blueprints, but I'm going to show what kind of records I keep up here." So He reached over and pulled out a book and to my amazement, it was Abraham and Sarah's book. And He said, "by the way I showed these to Paul when he was up here." And it seems as though God allowed me to somehow speed read so quickly I looked through that book and I couldn't find some things that I was looking for. I wanted to read the Genesis record about Abraham, I wanted to see what God had to say about some of those ornery things that he did you know. And so I asked God I said, "God where is his other book?" And God said, "I don't have another book on Abraham. I don't record failure." Praise God. He doesn't record failure. Oh, I saw things that were written there that were so beautiful. And I saw the very words that Paul wrote there in Romans the fourth chapter that he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief. Do you know that the apostle Paul literally as far as theologians and the purity of transcribing the faith from one testament to the other really fouled things up? Genesis says he staggered at the promise of God. Paul wrote down he staggered not at the promise of God. Then over in the book of Hebrews, incidentally if you'd like to know who wrote the book of Hebrews, Paul did. I know this because I saw the same thing that Paul said about Sarah, where he said that she judged him faithful who had promised. Genesis said she said, "aw God that can't happen." But what God did, He pushed all of these doubts and these misgivings to one side. He looked down inside. Hallelujah. And God has another ear that He hears with. And He heard something that was not heard before. He saw something worth saving to put in his book. Praise God forever.


Later on after I had a visit from the angels the second visit that I had. The angels told me to bring this message to the world. In it, it is entitled "when God says thanks." They made the statement that the believer's judgment is not a dark night through which the believer must pass waiting to break out into that eternal day. This is the actual quote that they gave me, but it is a day in which God has chosen to say thanks to His people. Hallelujah. And then I could see what God is going to do, those books are going to be opened and on that day of award, that court of honor when every man is going to have praise of God. I've had people ask me, "but Pastor Buck over there in 1 Corinthians 5:4 where it talks about this, it talks about those hidden things of darkness that are going to be revealed, what are they?" Why would God say, "I'm going to pull out a bunch of nasty things that the enemy has and give everybody praise for them?" I like the explanation that God gave me a lot better. He said, "There are a lot of things that you have done and are doing for God, you're doing it not for thanks or for reward. No one has discovered them yet. The light of credit and of recognition hasn't yet shined on you. But those things are going to be pulled out and you're going to be so surprised." You're going to say, "But God I didn't even tell anybody that I gave that person that 20 dollar bill when it was the last one I had. I didn't even tell anybody that I helped that person who was sick when I went in and cleaned their house." God said there are some hidden things I'm going to take and that's what the world is going to be able to see. Hallelujah. In Romans it talks about that if when we were His enemies He loved us enough to destroy everything how much more now that we are His.


I came back from that terrific experience and about four months ago the last of those 120 things were fulfilled. The things that had dates on them were fulfilled right on the day. Some of those things had an international impact. One of those things was the selection of our present pope. Another was the reestablishment of negotiations with Red China. And the paragraph that was written on that was to not panic or fear when negotiations with Red China had been resumed. God allowed me to see that every individual life was so beautifully planned out. But to me it was still staggering, how in the world could God do this? Because think of all the different little things He has to put together every day.


He did state this, that every day is the fullness of time for some part of God's plan for each life. It's the fullness of time. But God didn't tell me at the time that He had a bunch of special helpers that helped Him put together these plans. He didn't tell me that He had planned a long time ago and had been using the angelic beings for His helpers in working, following people up, bringing the various pieces that were supposed to fit, putting them together. The Holy Spirit knowing every individual was assigning and directing these angelic beings as they work with you, causing the pieces to fall together every day for God's plan for your life. God said, "Events are definitely predestined, but those that God has chosen in the events are foreordained into that plan. But they have the right to drop away or to go along with it, if they do there's great blessing for them. But he said that if they chose to drop away, the plan would continue, the event would happen. And here's the quote that he gave me that, "when God speaks an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop. It must happen."


Then he spoke about Esther. And He placed this in the Bible for this reason. He said that with Queen Esther when Mordecai spoke prophetically to her and said, "who knows but what you have been placed in the kingdom for such a time as this." Now he said if you do it, great blessing will come to you and your father's house. But if you don't do it know this, that deliverance shall arise from another source. Deliverance is going to come. You could be a part of it or you can drop away but it is going to happen. Then he gave me another example, he said when Jesus was riding into Jerusalem and the people were shouting. The religious leaders of that day said, "Hey this is not right, it's irreverent for people to shout like this." Jesus knew that it had already been decreed and already recorded up in God's big book in heaven were praises that were coming up at that time. He told these people "too late." It's already written down. If these people be quiet the only thing left around here are all these rocks. The shout has to happen.


The unity that God is bringing today is not necessarily a unity of intellect. For too long people thought that in order to get along with various groups and types of backgrounds that we all had to think just exactly the same way. But God has other plans. He said, "Well even people in their own family don't have the same opinions on everything." So He said "the unity that I am creating in bringing My great body together in answer to Jesus' prayer that we all might be one is a unity of the Spirit." Jesus dwelling inside. That's the reason why there may be people from 25 different denominations in this hall loving God, you all left your labels on the outside, the barriers being pushed down and Jesus' prayer is being answered.


On June 18, 1978, the last thing on my mind was angels. Even though I had been a preacher a long time I didn't know much about angels. I was the most unlikely suspect, I didn't study about angels. I didn't ask God to send angels to me. I thought they all looked alike. I have learned to know Jesus better through these experiences. About two in the morning I felt two strong hands on my shoulders sitting me up in bed. I began to tremble all over inside. This great being, I could see the outline. I saw this form of a giant being there and I was totally frightened and he sensed this and he said, "Don't be afraid. Your Father has sent me with a message for you to bring to your congregation, to you and the world." My head told me to not be afraid, to quit shaking but the rest of my said oh yeah and kept on shaking. I was just as afraid now as I was before but in a little different way.


He said because of your concern, your interest in families, God has come to you. For two weeks prior to this time I had preached about the families. For several years I have spent hours often as high as 90 hours a week in putting homes together. And God saw it and during that time over six years I was able to put over 600 couples together who were already living apart. 125 of these couples were already divorced; I remarried them in my office there. And with God's help was able to get that new love back in there heart for each other. God opened up a new day. The angel said, "I have this day led Special Forces into the world to help in bringing these families into a relationship with God and bringing them back to each other." There were other messages that he brought about lost loved ones. He said, "If one person in the family knows God, every member of that family is highly favored of God." And reservations are already made for them in God's big family. Then he gave me Isaiah 55:3 speaking about the covenant he made with David. He said "when you hear and your soul comes alive I will make the same promise to you I made to David, even the sure mercies of David."


In Psalm 89, there are ten beautiful portions there referring to the covenant he made with David. The part that refers to families, "if his children forsake my law they will be beaten with rods and with stripes, nevertheless my loving-kindness will I not utterly take from them nor suffer my faithfulness to fail. I will not alter one word of this promise." What He's saying here is they're going to get in trouble if they don't go God's way but nevertheless they're highly favored. This refers to parents and children. God put an example in the Word just for this reason. In Joshua 2:18. He was speaking to a young lady who had only come over to God's camp just a few days before. They were in Jericho. This particular lady was a prostitute who had turned her life over to God. She was now on God's side. The spies prophetically spoke, "if you now will go get your fathers family, all of your fathers household and tell them that they're highly favored because of you. And there's a spot for them. When the city is destroyed and judgment comes, there's a place of safety already reserved for them. And the good part was that they believed her and they came and they were spared.


I went ahead and gave the message and within a week, over 100 people scattered around the United States, stated that they had given their lives to Jesus. God spoke to me and said in order to give that message the way He wanted it given that I had to literally see and know and have a glimpse of the tremendous cost of salvation. I had to be aware of the sacrifice of Jesus. I had to see how complete the job was that He did. And so from many, many different aspects He showed me the sacrifice of Jesus. I wept, and wept till I could weep no more. And I literally felt the anguish and the pain. And I saw it in Zechariah chapter three in verses one through five. How He came in before the Father in those filthy garments. I saw it in Revelation chapter 5:6 where He was the Lamb that was slain lying there crimson before God. I saw that Lamb as He rose and came forth with the seven horns upon His head and a great ram and the angel said this ram now, the horns speak of great power and the seven is the completeness of all power. So when Jesus came forth and returned to his disciples he could say to them, "all power in heaven and in earth has been given to Me."


He allowed me to see Jesus going into the presence of God with the blood to sprinkle. I've seen it from practically every angle and my heart literally broke. But tonight I have a confidence in God that I've never had. When the angel first came and told me to give the message I hesitated because I had spent 28 years in the community preaching the gospel and I didn't want to in one night destroy something that I had built up for so long. I didn't give the message right away. And three weeks later those same strong arms sat me up in bed and said, "You haven't given that message." I felt that I was in trouble but the angel said, "Your Father knows how you feel about this. He knows your concern and He's going to help you." Then he gave me some more scripture. He told me the story in Luke the first chapter of God's great love for the family that He showed through John the Baptist. He said that through John the Baptist He would turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the children's hearts back to the fathers. Then he would take the rebellious generation and weave them back into the family and prove to them the total forgiveness and restore them to a point of total innocence.


He said the reason why so many young people cannot communicate with their parents is because their lives are completely filled with guilt. They have been ensnared and trapped by the rottenest and the stench of this whole world and they can't. But God is out to let them know that they do not have to carry this guilt anymore and that His forgiveness is so complete that He will bring them to the wisdom of the just. That He would help them to comprehend and to know what the full blessing of being justified really meant. The wisdom of the just. They would comprehend what it meant to be justified, totally forgiven, and restored to a place of total innocence. And He will prepare a people for the Lord. And the angel told me who he was. I looked up the verse he gave me and it said, "He that speaks unto you is Gabriel who stands in the presence of God." As near as we can tell over 200,000 people have turned their lives over to God since these tapes, and these messages and the book have gone out. Hallelujah.


The third time the angels came I saw what they looked like. Gabriel is 7'2 in height with blond hair. The other angel who was with him was about 7'6 in height with black curly hair. He probably weighed about 400 pounds. The other angel had a deep low voice. Gabriel said, "The Holy Spirit who monitors the whole world all the time and can even pick up the slightest sound of a sparrow's wing on the ground has sensed a massive build up of satanic forces coming against you because of the task that God has given you to do. And the Holy Spirit said, "go down and scatter those forces," so he said "we did." I said, "Is this going on very often?" And he said, "24 hours a day there are bands of God's angels around this world getting their messages from Holy Spirit as He witnesses and watches and monitors every life." He said that if the Holy Spirit waited for people to call for help they would already be in trouble. So He is pushing back those forces of darkness 24 hours a day and you don't even know about it. He's on the job. God's on the job. Then he told me about the exaltation of Jesus. He said there are four different kinds of angels that God has. He said there are the ministering angels who live among people who ride in their cars with them, who live in their houses who are camped around about them all the time. They have orders from God that have been given to them saying, "Take charge of those people." And they're with you all the time. There's that type, that type of angel looks exactly like a human being so you wouldn't even know you saw one unless you happen to see them suddenly disappear in front of your eyes. Or if you saw them do some super human feat. Then you would know that it was an angel. There are so many of them, there are a far greater number of them then there are human beings on the earth.


Then the next group of angels is the worship angels. Worship angels are the only angels with wings. God allowed me to witness them when He took me right down into a living drama when He let me see Jesus rising as that Lamb that came forth. I saw Him rise and then I saw all of these angels as they bowed down before Him. And as far as I could see in every direction were these angels. As you see them bowing down it's the most graceful beautiful thing. Lucifer was one of these worship angels. He was the arch angel of the worship angels. And the seraphim and cherubim are a high order of these worship angels.


Then the third type of an angel is the great warring angels. Because they come from the presence of God there is a strong glow that comes from them, a radiation that literally even when I'm not afraid I could never get used to their presence because it just saps my strength and I go down until they touch me or pick me up. And then it insulates me against the weakness and I'm strong again. After they have left there's such a tingling sensation in my legs and I do deep knee bends and run in place because there's such a power that's hard to handle in these earthen vessels of ours. Michael is the arch angel of all of the warring angels.


Then there are the Special Forces which include the messenger angels that God uses to bring announcements and messages and so on to the world. And also to work in various ways in the unfolding of God's plan. Gabriel's chief purpose is in the unfolding of God's plan. In a closing of one chapter of the book and an opening of another, every time he's been referred to in the Bible this is what he's done. He's brought the announcements of a new day dawning and opening. And after he told me what his function was, it made me wonder what he was doing down here now. Could it be that another chapter is about ready to close and another one opened?


After telling me about these beautiful angels he told me the highest and the greatest in all of heaven is Jesus. And at the name of Jesus when that name rings out in the course of heaven every angel regardless of their rank fall in worship before Him. He said, "There is more excitement and activity in the courts of heaven then there has been at any time since Jesus came the first time."


On two occasions I've been told that God's plan before He ever made the earth was to take us to be with Him. This is His plan. He's given me such beautiful support in the Word of God. And though people fail to agree as to whether they may go through the tribulation or through half of it or no tribulation at all. He said "when Jesus comes, He's not going to look at people's minds and see what position that they hold on this but He's going to look at our hearts to see if Jesus lives there." He said that it would be totally contrary to the character of God for even one believer to go through even one day of the tribulation time. God has sent Special Forces of angels and additional ministering angels now into every country of the world, not to relieve believers of their responsibility but to help believers get the job done.


We are more responsible now because angels can only bring a person to a point of choice but he said you as believers can help pull them through and help them make the right choice. And that's the reason why Paul was saying, "I'm persuading men, I'm helping them make the right choice." So God is bringing them to us, we become a doorway right to Jesus' heart and we pull them right on through to them. It really jolted me when I was in the throne room and God said, "one of the greatest misconceptions of believers is the fact that if they don't do the job it won't get done." But He is too wise, this plan is too important to Him to put the total responsibility on whether it goes or not in the hands of man. But thank God when we link arms with Him He can sure use us. And He wants to use us. And He gives us the first opportunity of serving Him. The purpose of these experiences was for me to see God as He really is.


I want to share about Morris Plots; it was very interesting to me. I'll just start with this paragraph in my journal. He then introduced me to a ministering angel from Kenya Africa where God has released a large host to ready people of that country for the words of life. He was a big black angel. Because when God prepares them, He makes them look like the people that they're working among like the one in China, so that they could do it in incognito. Then he stated that a prince with God who had been sent to this body Morris Plotts will be happily surprised to hear of the allies from heaven sent to aid him in giving his words life and in scattering the forces of darkness. This angel was dressed like a westerner. He explained that this host was active throughout the country. His personal assignment had been Nirobi but was ministering to a family in a village on the south coast when he was directed by the Holy Spirit to appear in Boise. I told Morris about this and he said, "Nobody knows about that village, it's not even on the map. That had to come from God because nobody knows about that." These things that I'm telling you about are true. God cares about people; He loves people more than you've ever dreamed. He's not looking for reasons to throw people away; He's looking for reasons to reach people. He said that men and woman have made it so difficult for people to get in and so easy to get out when in reality God wants to make it easy to get in and hard to get out. And that's just like Jesus. He said that men and woman to a large extent had their idea of God upside down. God wants to be known as a God of love. In Jeremiah 9:23-4, "let not the rich man glory in his wealth, but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me. That I am a God of loving-kindness, a God of mercy, and God of justice, a God of righteousness. The word righteousness means His unfailing ability to always do the right thing. This is the kind of God that He is. And then he says, "In these things I delight says the Lord." Then when Moses cried out, "God let me see what You're like and God hid him with His hand in the cleft of the rock. Then when God passed by He spoke to him from the cloud, God described Himself to Moses, and he said, "The great God full of kindness and mercy and gentleness and the God of love. And for those who reject there's the judgment and condemnation and so on but his first desire, the things that He delights to be known in is love. He told me that men and woman have had the full orb of truth. They have both His love and His wrath. But they have it upside down. And men and women in trying so hard to appease the wrath of God are struggling and struggling and struggling when Jesus has already appeased the wrath of God with His sacrifice. But He said while they're struggling, if they struggle long enough they can drop through into the love of God. But the message that God has given me is this. Roll the orb of truth over. Tell men and women to plunge themselves into His love and then they'll never need to worry about His wrath. You get lost and all wrapped up into the love of God and you're not going to have to worry about that wrath. He told us that when He told Moses about that, He said, "for those who accept Him there's the righteousness, the love, the blessing the loving-kindness." Hallelujah.


Now I'm going to read to you something that I feel is very, very important. God gave me, about seven weeks ago, another beautiful visit. "One of the most profound and inspiring encounters that I have ever experienced occurred last Sunday morning. I was writing this on September the second. I was awakened about 1 a.m. and was ministered by God through the angels He had sent. In the course of this ministry He allowed me to witness again His great plan in operation in making us acceptable in His sight. Of covering us, of making us look just exactly like Jesus. Did you know that is what God's plan was? Colossians 1:22, He has made us look just like Jesus when our faith is in His performance instead of our performance. Then something happened and I was translated into the presence of Jesus. Like Paul I am not sure if I was in body or spirit. I saw Jesus for the first time. I met Him, I talked with Him. I saw Him not in His earthly appearance but in His eternal appearance which was identical to that which was described by John in Revelation 1:13-18. He appeared as the great judge of all. It is possible that He will take on a different appearance upon His return. People are most used to that he had when he was here on earth, I don't know. What I was allowed to see was His eternal appearance. His white hair hung to His shoulders, His face shone like pure white light. He wore a wide gold belt that was contoured to partially cover His chest. His shoes shone like polished copper. His eyes were much like Gabriel's. Could it be that these garments and this appearance is characteristic of those who dwell in God's presence? My spirit leaped within me as He stated that His servants the angels had been sent forth to compel men and women to come to this point of choice. He made reference to me that what He told His disciples was that in the final call that He said to His servants referring to the angels to go out now and to compel men and women to come to this point of choice. They can compel them but they must choose." Then incidentally in this compelling, he gave me the example of Lot when he was in Sodom and judgment was going to fall, and Lot tarried. And he said he hastened Lot and said Lot hurry up! And Lot didn't want to hurry. And so the Word tells us that the angels took Lot, now it doesn't say that they picked him up but it does say they took him and brought him outside the city and set him down. Now they couldn't have set him down if they wouldn't have picked him up in the first place. They took him even when he wanted to stay there. And this is what they have come to do. He also spoke of the numberless hosts that have been sent into all the world to help prepare the precious fruit of the earth, the redeemed souls for the harvest. He then summoned representing every part of the world. I saw angels from the arctic, the rub-arctic countries, I saw them from South America from the islands of the sea. Not all the hosts but one representative from each place where God had sent them. Several of these I recognized as ministering angels that I had previously met. His purpose for this meeting was to remind the world of the urgency and the importance of linking arms with Him and of telling the world that He cares, and of telling the workers around the world that they are not alone. I am still not sure if I was there in body or not, but it seems like I was.


When I returned I stood alone by the stream at the rear of the house. It was almost like I was between two worlds. I was dazed but more aware then ever that the countdown is nearly finished. The sickle has been thrust in. While in the presence of Jesus I was allowed to see the terrible days of tribulation ahead from God's viewpoint. I met many of Gabriel's angels who will be extremely active during that time. I was allowed to visit briefly with Michael who also has an important role to fill. Jesus stated, now I want you to listen to this. Some of you are so concerned about your loved ones because you're wondering if Jesus were to come suddenly and they've been so stubbornly resisting even though the angels are working on them. God has not forgotten them. And here's what He said, and this was something so beautiful. Jesus stated, "That even tribulation would not separate men from His love. And that millions would be saved by death in standing for God in those days." And He gave the reference in Revelation 7:9-18. Where it speaks of John seeing a number that no one could number from every place that were slain. He said, "these are the one's that actually heard the message and they're so highly favored of God that even tribulation could not separate them from His love."


Then He went on to say that the prayers of those who love God for their loved ones will still be effective and that these people will die for their stand and be united at the resurrection at the close of those days of sorrow with loved ones who were taken in rapture before those awful days. He said that he had prepared a word that he used only once. A word that in the Greek is paralambano. He said this word He used, He made for this occasion which literally means to call to one side in an affectionate manner as a groom would call His bride. That word is found in Matthew the 24th chapter where he said one shall be taken and the other left. Now there are some people confused, they think this means they would be taken in death. No, that wouldn't be calling to His side in an affectionate manner. But what He said is that as a groom would take His bride, He is going to take His people in an affectionate manner. I looked this up to find out if Strong knew about that in Strong's concordance and sure enough he knew, it's there paralambano used one time only in the whole Bible. Hallelujah. Jesus is coming folks.


We don't know how to correlate God's calendar and ours. But one thing that God does want us to remember is this. That when we have linked arms with Him, we are right now in the spot that God wants us to be. We're lights in a dark place. He doesn't want you to leave what you're doing and go do something else. He wants us to occupy and be faithful until He comes. Because we do not know His calendar, the sand in His hour glass is just finishing, running through. We don't know how eternity correlates with time. But we do know this on God's calendar it is about up. And God brought you here tonight. You have been selected by God to hear me give this message. A week ago Saturday night, I told them about this lady, and this week ago Saturday night when this lady called from Sacramento. God knew all about her. But one of the reasons for those angels being there for several hours was in talking to me about this particular trip that I'm making. That He had prepared people in each of these places to hear this message. He had prepared them. Did you know that you have been prepared for week's possibly month's maybe even years just for tonight? To reach out and to take a new hold and to get busy and write a few letters, to get on the telephone, call some of your friends, let them know that they are highly favored of God. Because Jesus is coming.


One encouragement to you in praising the Lord and we're going to bring this service to a close and probably one of the greatest praise times that I know that I'll ever be in because I heard you praising God while John Hall was singing and I almost went to heaven right there, I know we're going to have a real time. But I was awakened one morning, my dog often times will come up and poke her nose right against mine and she'll go woof, woof real quietly. The only time she does it is when there are angelic visitors downstairs. So I decided I'd better get up and go down and I went down. And here Gabriel and Chrioni were and there was a young man with them. Now I wondered, "What's this young man doing here." I thought this was more or less an angel business you know. He was about 6'1. Gabriel said, "I want to introduce you, this is one of the ministering angels from the Boise community of angels." He said there are a lot more angels here and as there are in other places then there are people. But you just don't see them. There's a community, a different dimension that they live in. But they're there working all the time. Now he said, "This one is Siprion. The reason we brought him, the Holy Spirit wants you to know so you can share with others the true value of praise." He said, "There are times when people feel that they failed, when things have gone wrong and when things straighten up then they can praise God, but while they're having a rough time everybody else could praise Him but they can't praise Him." He said you could tell them that praise has an elevating value, that from the highest of the angels of heaven on down through the warring angels, the worship angels down through the ministering angels down to lowly human beings. But he said, "From the lowest to the highest you're all on the same level before God during praise. It lifts you to this level with God." Hallelujah.


And he said now God is going to give you the privilege of praising with the angels. Again I didn't have a chance to say I think it would be wonderful. It was like God opened up a big valve up inside of me and a river roared out of me and the angels were there praising God. And I was praising Him in a language that I'd never learned, one I'd never used even in praising Him in tongues. It was beautiful, just like a river. My wife heard us down there praising God and she got up beside the bed, she said she could hardly stand it because of the power and the beauty of that praise time. After about 30 minutes I recognized I was still on earth, I thought maybe I had gone to heaven. It was sure wonderful, but I looked around and there was Gabriel standing there still praising God in that beautiful language. And here his head was as high as Chrioni's so I looked down at the floor and his feet were right level still but they were about 4 inches off the floor. Well that's not a hard trick for an angel anyway but it looked a little strange you know when I wasn't used to seeing him that way. Then I looked at this ministering angel and he was only about my height see, so I looked at him, boy his head was up there. And I looked at his feet and they were at least 18 inches off the floor. Then it dawned on me, I was looking right straight across myself at them. And I took it kind of easy at first and without looking down I pushed a little bit and everything was solid there. So I looked down to see and I don't yet know how God made things so solid but I was 18 inches off the floor. My feet were flat, I couldn't push them down. God had a way of doing it. But the thing that God wanted to emphasize was this. That during praise, he gave me a visual demonstration, I was level. Now physically you may not become level but spiritually you will rise regardless of how low you feel as you open your heart and you praise God. Now you see these worship angels, God has prepared to worship Him in the throne room of heaven. There are only a certain number of them that are praising God at a certain time. The rest of them God has the Spirit out looking all over the world who are worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. Hallelujah. And when He finds an individual or a group of people like this He notifies those worship angels and there are so many of them, there are literally billions of them. He said move in, there's a congregation over there in New Orleans that are worshiping God, move in there with them and there's a great number. And as you worship and praise God the angels of heaven worship with you. They lift your praises up before God. Sometimes after you quit singing or quit worshiping and praising you can almost still hear the sounds. Many people have, they've heard the sounds after they've been through, and I'm seeing this happen.


We haven't had healing services as such but in every service as people are praising God there is a mighty river of healing that breaks loose from somewhere up by the throne of heaven and flows through over the congregation. I saw a Southern Baptist lady with arthritis in her fingers and she saw people with their hands lifted and she lifted hers and started worshipping God and when she put them down she heard a thud and the ring that was embedded in her finger practically because of the gnarled finger, it dropped to the floor, and she looked at her hands. There was not a mark on them. The arthritis from her arms and hands was gone. Immediately she came to see me and she said, "I'm going to see my friends and the rest of my family to tell them what Jesus has done for me."


Last Sunday morning a man in our service during the time of praise while he was just beginning to worship and praise he felt a breeze blow by. The angels had just dropped in and breathed a little bit of that heavenly atmosphere across his eyes. And he said it was just like a fog moved off and he came up to the platform Sunday night, he was shouting hallelujah, and his eyes were healed of his cataracts. People that have never known Jesus stand and worship together. They've heard His voice in a service like this and they're reaching out and they're letting God know, "God me too." God says, "Yeah, you bet you too, I brought you here for this reason." You can praise Him, as you do something happens to that load of sin, that disappears because you're calling the name Jesus. They that call on the name of Jesus shall be saved. I think we can't do a better thing right now than to stand and praise the Lord from the very bottom of your heart. Lift your hands, as God lifts your spirits up to the very level of the highest of the angels. Hallelujah.