God's Character: What He is Really Like

Chapter 54 - Pillars of Eternity #1

She already preached the introduction to my message with that song. Praise God. How big is God? Praise the Lord. It always excites me when the Lord gets a notch ahead of me there. Then the testimonies, the songs that the choir sang, did you notice this, speaking about the greatness of God and the songs that the congregation sang, Hallelujah. You know what I feel; God is trying to tell us something. That He hasn't grown old and tottery, He hasn't retired. But He's still on the job still in control. Praise God forever.


I went again this week on an assignment for the Lord. Southern California. And I have to say; God keeps on doing and doing and doing it, over and over again. The same things that have been happening in Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Washington, all these various parts of the country happened in Southern California. People could not get in the buildings, there were so many hungry to hear these truths. Hallelujah. The last night that I was there in a church in La Mesa, the church building is made to seat about 900 people. It has an auditorium that looks out this way. And then because the congregation group they made it running out like this, it's like another congregation, they can't see each other but there they are out that way and then there's another one that goes out this way. All together they'll seat about 900 people. Some how they managed to get 1300 of the people that came into that building on that Thursday night. It was just literally stuffed. And people around the front, the whole platform was packed with people, then out in the foyer like that though they couldn't see they had it completely full of chairs. And a real, real beautiful move of God. Many, many people were healed of various afflictions that came.


One young man met me in the foyer and said that two or three weeks before, and this is something I haven't heard before, that the Holy Spirit was bringing healing to people accompanying the words that are in "Angels on Assignment." See, those words, that book is different than a book that somebody would write. I am not responsible for that book; the Hunters aren't responsible. Because those words came right from God's heart. And this young man, about 25 years old had very severe sugar diabetes. He had to take a needle every single day and put it in him and eject some insulin to control sugar. But he said that he was one of the worst representatives of God's family that there was, he said that he was so Luke warm, and was not really a typical believer. Was unfaithful in his giving, refused to tithe and to give to God, his disposition was bad, he was up and down in his Christian life. But he said that his wife brought that book home, and he said when she wasn't around he picked up that book and started reading it. And somewhere in that book while he was reading he felt a kind of a glow come over him, a warmth start through him, and it caused almost a shuddering, and he kept giving himself shots like he always did, but the shots had a bad reaction on him, so he had to go to the doctor to find out what was going on wrong. And the doctor took a couple of weeks giving him all kinds of tests to find out what in the world the story was, and found out that he didn't have sugar diabetes anymore and he wasn't supposed to be taking those shots. Hallelujah isn't that beautiful? Praise God. God did that; no one was around to take any credit or glory. God did that. So he made it a point, when he got out there, he said, "I'm just feeling so good because that happened like three weeks before," and the Lord just seemed to take care of the whole thing. I just wanted to pass this on to you.


God continues regardless of where, there's a hunger in this land, something is taking place. Fires are being lit, and they're not going out. They're moving. Hallelujah. Oh, praise God for what He's doing. Now this morning I am beginning a series of messages of eight messages on mountain peaks of truth. God has literally in eternity planted seven great mountains. These are the peaks of His plan and His purpose; it isn't that they follow in sequence though they do as far as man is concerned, though in eternity they are occupying a great space, a great place in God's plan, God's purpose. For within these mountain peaks of truth, God has wrapped up and embedded His purpose, His plan for all of redemption. The great redemption story is complete. Those things that are important to God are in these mountains of eternity. Oh, they are tremendous, and when we think of how big God is, it makes us wonder, what is so important to God, or what in all of His great vast domain, of His endless life, of one end of eternity to the other, what would He consider to be so important as to call them his very anchor points of His entire creation and universe?


If you have your Bibles I would like to have you open to Psalm chapter eight. And in my notes I have written just a couple of lines of the song that our sister sang. How big is God? He's big enough to fill this mighty universe, but He's small enough to dwell in my heart. Now David was a Shepherd, he had a lot of opportunity to wallow away some time and to do some meditating and often times he was out under the stars at night. And he had the opportunity of just thinking about God. And one of the spiritual exercises that we as God's people often miss is the art of meditation, musing about the things of God.


It was Jeremiah that said, he started musing one day about the things of God and he said, while I was musing the fire burned. So when you start meditating about the things of God, there's a fire that starts going inside of you and God takes the proportions and the perspective that He wants to have for your life thinking about Him. And as David was looking up into the stars at night thinking about how big and vast God was he said, "When I consider the heavens," this is verse three, "a hundred million miles that direction and 50 trillion stars out there and the same distance the other way. And that direction, every direction, up down, sideways." He said, "And to think it's all the work of your fingers. Makes you wonder just how big God really is. If His fingers reached out and put all of that together, how big is God?"


We were talking in my Sunday school class this morning that, and have you folk ever kind of been staggered by the immensity of the universe, have you ever thought about it and just kind of staggered and had to kind of put it out of your mind to keep from going batty? How far is it out here to the end of the universe? Can anybody that's smart enough here tell me how far it is out there? I had one real answer from my class this morning, from a lady who really knew. She said it is a long ways. Safe with that one aren't you? Do you think that 100 billion miles would be a safe guess? What do you think? Do you think it's that far? 100 billion miles, your real smart there Chris, do you think that 100 billion miles would get you there? Do you think that's too far? Well let's just say its 100 billion miles out there. The thing that gets to me is if you could somehow blink your eyes real fast and suddenly be transported over there and get there, what would we find on the other side of that line? Another 100 billion miles, and you get out there on the end of that one and draw a line, what's on the other side of that? Another 100 billion miles. And you just stop and think. Our human minds are made to comprehend things with bounds in them, lines, things that we could figure out. But God is so big, and so broad. How wide, how wide His vast domain and in the middle of this vast, limitless, boundless, endless, it's actually space and time are very similar become an eternity.


There's a little tiny yellow speck of dust with some green lines on it called earth. No wonder David got kind of staggered on that. And then he said that God is so big, that He has to minister the vastness of this universe. David had to ask the question, "God how in the world can you find time for man. How in the world can you even find him? In that ocean, that wilderness of stars, how can you even find this little one, when there are so many billions of stars and heavenly bodies out there? With all the important matters that God has, those great seven pillars of eternity that hold it up, so important to God, God how do you find time for man?"


And we'll find out a little bit about this great and mighty God if you would turn over to Isaiah chapter 40 and verse 11 tells us that even though He's a big God out there He has time for us. Listen to verse 11, "He shall feed His flock, like a Shepherd, He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom and shall gently lead those with young. God, with all of those things out there, how could you possible care for me? Then verse 12 tells how big God is. He said He was big enough to take the Atlantic Ocean and put a little drop on one side of His palm and the Pacific Ocean on the other side and weigh them and look at that little drop there. He measured the waters in the hollow of His hand. And then He decided He would find out how far it was from that star that was 20 trillion miles that way and this other one way over here, and He put His little finger on one and His thumb on the other, that's what a span is. Now you don't think God's big enough to take care of you? Think of how big His hand is. He measured the heavens with a span. Does that kind of stagger you? How big is God? Hallelujah. And He still cares for people. And then he went on to say in verse 15; the nations are like a drop in the bucket. Take all of the people, all four billion of them, and empty the bucket completely out so that there's only one little drop left in there. Put it down in God's bucket. There's a drop in the bucket to Him. How in the world can He spread that drop out four billion different directions and find me? You're lost in that drop in the bucket. But He's big enough to fill the mighty universe and small enough to dwell in my heart. But when we think of the way God looks at us, He recognizes that there's something so valuable in the heart of man, He pushes away all of those extra things that we see, the failures, the problems, the characteristics that would make a man worthless and undesirable and He pulls open that person's chest muscles, opens the rib cage, really He doesn't do that , but He looks inside, and He says, "inside of that individual, is the most valuable thing that I have ever made; the soul of man. Hallelujah. Talk about important. Talk about important. Every one of these pillars of eternity, these mountain peaks the foundations of these peaks is based on man.


Everything, every priority that God has made for eternity is based on His love for us. How do you like that? With all of the billions and billions, and billions of planets that are there and in all that He has to do we are at His heart. Never think you're worthless, you are valuable to God. Praise God. And when we recognize that we are really worth something to God and He cares for us, we begin to move into the spot where God can use us, where we can be happy, where we can feel real purpose, we can look into that mirror and say, "hey you're a son of God, you're a daughter of God, you're a member of God's big family.


See when God made this earth He said there's something in His heart, in fact before He threw all of those stars out there, in His heart He had you and me. And the Word tells us, long ago before He made the world, God had plans for us. So when He made the earth He said I'm going to have to fix a kind of a comfortable place for these people that I have in my heart to live in. So He made the earth to be inhabited. He made it just to have the right temperatures, He threw in a few cricks, and rivers to put some fish in so man could have some fun. He made a few mountains to climb; He made some lakes so that we could do a little swimming. God made a good place didn't He? He made it a good place. He said He made the earth to be inhabited. He didn't say He made any place else for that. There might be some other beings out there, but He doesn't have any more sons to give them. They better be careful they don't fall because He doesn't have any left. He only had one Son, His only begotten Son, and He already gave Him for this world. So I don't know whether there's anything out there or not, but I do know that God made this earth to put the thing that was dearest to His heart upon, and that's us, Hallelujah. Oh, Hallelujah. I just feel like I'm worth so much this morning.


After I got waked up at four o' clock with that last telephone call, I didn't go back to sleep. I just laid awake thinking about God, how big He was, and how it made me feel to know with all that He had to do He still could say He could care less about all those other things, the thing that I'm interested in is right down here. Praise God. Won't you thank Him folks. Hallelujah. I want you to lift your hands and just love the Lord, go ahead and give Him a clap offering while your hands are raised. Hallelujah, Praise God. How big is God? Praise God. Psalm 139, I know that most of you know this so well. Beautiful song, I'm reading from the Living Bible. "Lord you have examined my heart. You know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand. When far away you know my every thought. You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment you know where I am. You know what I am going to say before I say it. You both precede me and follow me and place your hand of blessing upon my head. This is too glorious, too wonderful to believe. I can never be lost from Your Spirit. I can never get away from my God; if I go up to heaven You are there. If I go down to the place of the dead, You are there. If I ride the winds to the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide me and your strength will support me. If I try to hide in the darkness the night becomes light about me. Hallelujah. For even the darkness cannot hide from God. To you the night shines as bright as the day, darkness and light are both alike to you. You made all of the delicate inner parts of my body. You knit them together in my mother's womb."


Some of you ladies that are pregnant here this morning. The Lord is knitting together a little life. Your closer to God, He's closer to you than you think. His hands are down inside of you, putting things together just the way they ought to be. This is what he said; "You knit them together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex. It is amazing to think about, your workmanship is marvelous and how well I know it. You were there while I was being formed in utter seclusion. You were there." Isn't God close? God is there. You don't need to be embarrassed by me saying this. This is a beautiful thing I'm talking about. Birth and the creation of a new life is one of the most beautiful things God does. Don't be embarrassed about that. If you haven't told anybody yet about your condition, go out and start telling some of them how good the Lord is to you, that you're going to be a dad or a mother. Then He goes on to say, "You saw me before I was born. You scheduled each day of my life."


One of the things that He showed me that changed my whole feeling about God, when I was with Him in the throne room; He showed me the great archives where the blueprints of lives are kept. And He let me know that every life was so important to Him, each one He had gone into in fine minuet detail in the plans. Hallelujah. Way back there, before He made the earth He had it all mapped out. You can't figure it out, I can't figure it out because we're not God, but did you know that if you could pull out His book for this day before He made the earth you would see that He scheduled that you be right where you are right at this moment. God scheduled each day of your life. He brought you here today. Because He loves you, because your so important to Him. Now you're more important to God, a lot more important than all these billions of stars out here. He said, "They could fade and go out, but the soul that I put in you will never die. It's going to stay young. When the blazing suns have dimmed and gone out, and the stars have fallen, you're still going to be that living soul that can never die."


Can you think about it, how important we are to God? I feel like God wants me and has impressed me to impress you with this, you are valuable to Him. You're worth alone more than all of the rest that He created. Because He expected those things to crumble, He said this, "they shall perish, they shall grow old," you read it in the first chapter of Hebrews. But He said, "You're still going to keep on living, and you're going to be God's companion throughout ages upon ages."


How big is God? What is man, man then suddenly takes on some different proportions as God looks at him and says, "There is my masterpiece." Oh Hallelujah. Can you shout a big Hallelujah again? Man you're a masterpiece from God's hand. Quit getting down on yourself. You can do so much toward creating the right kind of feeling within yourself, by recognizing who you really are. God wants you to know who you really are.


So God scheduled each day of your life before you even began to breathe. Everyday was recorded in your book. That's Psalm 139. He says another little thing here. He says how precious it is Lord to realize that you're thinking about me constantly. If you were to look at God's mind and say hey God what are you thinking about? You'd see your image, you're there. I can't even count how many times a day your thoughts turn toward me and when I awaken in the morning you are still thinking about me. Praise God. Praise God forever. And all of the things that God has planned for the times see these other things will fade away, but these anchor points of eternity, these great mountain peaks are going to last forever. And every one of them is resting on the foundation stones of His love and care for you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


How does that really make you feel this morning? You're worth something to the Lord. Praise God. Praise God. What does this mean to us? That those things that are important to us are important to God. Those things that are important to you are important to God because you're important to Him you see. Then because of this, 2 Peter 3:9, God told Peter about this, He isn't willing that any should perish, you're worth too much to Him. God made a plan; He doesn't want any of them to perish. God doesn't say well I got so many of them I could throw 3/4's of them away. No. We're all worth something to Him. Not willing that any should perish but that all should come to that repentance that He has provided. And then He said, "Because they are so important to Me I didn't do just a half of a job," first John 2:2, I have enough cleansing for everybody. So when John was speaking about this He said that He has become the covering for us, our sins, but not for ours only, also for the sins of the whole world.


Though there are going to be a lot of people that fail to take advantage of what God has, God has provided for every living soul. Praise God. Then He has given us diving security. John 10:28-29, He said, Jesus said, "nobody's going to pluck you out of My hand." Oh hallelujah. And you remember how big God's hand was, He said, "My Father who gave you to me is greater than I am and He puts His big hand over the top and He said you're secure." This is called divine security. Don't mix it with the term eternal security which really isn't as bad as a term as some people think, but divine security says it all. It's security, that because of God and His love for us, His plan, divine, means that He's not willing to lose you.


His Word tells us that He's not willing, there are some people who are too willing to be lost, but He isn't willing. Divine security. Then I think of the great victory that He has where He says that you can approach the gates of hell. I think of this lady who called Brother Strayer this morning, and there had been two others who have called who have been totally delivered from the clutches of Satanism through the ministry of that book "Angels on Assignment."


The Word tells us, Jesus Himself said, "As you approach the gates of hell, as God's army moving ahead, see the gates aren't going to move, it's you, you move against the strongholds of the enemy, you blast them, and those gates of hell cannot stand. Hallelujah. To the advancing army of Jesus, people, Praise God.


So this means to us that we are important, things that are important to us are important to Him. That his plan is we don't need to perish, that there's cleansing for all, that there's divine security, and that there is victory in every battle. Now something as great as this presented to us, demands a response. I told you about the attorney that I rode with from Denver to Oklahoma City, and he gave me that beautiful concept. We are talking about the supernatural work of God and how that many people couldn't accept it when it was presented to them, and he gave me the picture from his view point that things as long as they are in the realm of the ethereal or fantasy, people could make them any shape they want to, their ideas or their imaginations. But he said that when something comes out of the ethereal, out of the fantasy world and it takes size and shape and becomes substance, it becomes real, then he said that people must do something with it. They are forced to do something with it. Either they are forced to say I reject it or I accept it in their thinking.


And today the bigness of God, the worth of man has been pulled down out of some ethereal statements and it has been brought right before us. And it stands; this truth stands before us in living substance, that God cares for us, that He has plans for us, that we're worth something to Him. And it demands a response; we must do something with what God has placed before us today. We have to. We can't say again, I'm going to push it back into the ethereal it stands in substance before us. It's real, those of us who know Him, Psalm the ninth chapter goes on to say that we owe Him our praise. It's a beautiful chapter; you need to underline every verse there. He says that you can respond by gladness by a note of rejoicing, that because of His presence you can claim victory because He is with you, His presence. In verse four He says that you can express your confidence because of His righteousness that He will do the right thing by you, every believer should constantly affirm this I can trust Him, He will do the right thing by me. This is God's plan, God's purpose. Verse nine says that He is a refuge, we can exult in the safety that we have because He is our refuge. Verse 10 tells us that by knowing His name we can have a beautiful experience of assurance, we've learned the power of His name. Then the last thing I bring, to those who have not made that surrender. You have not made that commitment, I either accept, or reject. This challenge confronts you today. What are you going to do? David faced it, what is man; today you face, it who is God? Who am I, what am I going to do with Him? Shall we bow our hearts right now?


"Father we thank you for this service, we thank you for your love. And as we are bowed in your presence right now, I know that you are here, and I know that people are here that you have planned to be here. I thank you for this. I thank you for those that you have already recorded in your book that are going to respond to You in recognizing who you are and are gladly going to accept you as their Savior. That they might be fulfilled and have that purpose not only for life, but also for eternity. God I thank you for these who will respond, their names are already recorded in that book of responses to You, and dear Lord I thank you for this, in Jesus Name." While heads are bowed, I would like to see these hands, I know God has brought you here. People that feel and know that they have come face to face and today is their day of commitment to Him. Let me see your hands throughout the building. Yes I see your hand, yours. Up in the balcony, God has brought you face to face, what are you going to do? I see your hand up there. Way up at the top. And right here. How about over to my right? Yes there are hands all through this section being lifted. How about to my left? God has challenged you this morning saying, "I am real, though I am big and vast I'm real and I want you, I love you, I have plans for you.