Priority #5 : The Great Commission

Chapter 32 - Good News For You and Your Family

You are a complete church inside of you, you're complete in Him. I received this message from God through an angel. I really fought with myself before I finally brought this message. Three weeks ago I was awakened by a touch on the shoulder. So I sat up in bed. I heard a voice in the dark and I learned that this was a messenger from heaven. This wasn't a vision or a dream, but it really happened. God's message is important. He wanted me to bring you this message. This conversation with this angel lasted about two hours. He shared certain truths. God wants to be a living reality to us.


Last night the messenger came again with some beautiful truths. My wife told me she was aware of the warmth of God's presence. You got to realize that every person in this building is here by divine appointment, you're concerned about your family. You're concerned about your relationship with God. With this new revival there are new attacks from the enemy. In an effort at getting back at God, enemy forces are attacking the home. The home is the closest thing on earth to the heart of God. This attack on the home has been going on since the beginning. When Moses was born satan tried to kill him and all the other babies. Satan can't read your mind; if he could then he would know to go after Moses.


The same thing happened with Jesus. God sent an angel to tell Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem. God's plan of salvation is not for a single person. He saves single people but when He saves them, He writes the names of those in their in family, in His book. God Himself started this. God cares for the family; God has plans for the family. He has it in His beautiful plan that He gave to Moses. He took if from a plan He has in heaven. He gave Moses the plan and the tabernacle. And He said, "I want the name of every head of the house made out of the shekels of their redemption. Going to be melted and the gates are going to hang on the very fact that God has included all in His plan. Someone said, "well I thought you have to give your heart to the Lord yourself in order to be saved." You do! Because you have a reservation out in an airplane to fly somewhere doesn't mean that you're on the plane. It doesn't mean you're there. You have to confirm that reservation. You have to say hey, let's confirm it. God is doing something special today with working with families. God loves the family. God loves the family so much, that you remember when Rahab saved the spies, in Jericho, and the spies by inspiration of God said, "Rahab, call all of your family here to this house and they'll all by saved."


Rahab brought all of her family there and they were all saved. Because God cares for the family, God's plan is a family plan. God has something very beautiful that He's doing today. God's plan for the family does not stop when people's forms, their bodies, are put in the ground. All the beauties of home and family, the ties, and good things about your family are eternal. And you're going to have joy such as you never had dreamed. Those children of yours are going to have that warm place in your heart. And there's going to be a bond that's going to be beautiful.


Jesus said, "Don't worry over My business, you take care of what I give you to do and let Me take care of what I have to do. The enemy wants to spoil God's plan again by hurling some heavy artillery into the homes. Causing husbands to lose feelings for their wives, causing that restlessness, causing things to fall apart, causing children to hate their parents, they don't want anything to do with them, not even to want to talk to them, causing parents to not want to talk to their children. An enemy has done this. God says he's not going to get away with this. He's going to make you pretty miserable if you want to go your own way, and follow that course. God always has a backup plan.


Events that He has decreed have to happen. He let me know that when He decrees it, an irreversible force is set in motion that nothing can stop. It has to happen. People that He has included in His own unfolding plan are not irreversibly stuck to that plan unless they want to be. Because God has predestinated the event but for individuals He has foreordained, giving them a spot but He said, "I won't hold you to it but if you link arms with Me there will be joys and happiness in it for I have foreordained you to be a partner with Me in the great work that I am doing." There are two opposing forces at work but God has already decreed that He is the winner.


The angel told me, "God has sent me to you with a message from His heart, to tell you that the prayers of the people have been answered." I thought does that mean the lost family members are all saved? No, because God, to answer that prayer, doesn't mean He's going to violate the free right of choice He's given to people. It means that He's going to do everything necessary to bring them to a point where it would be easier to make that choice of surrender.


I heard someone say, it's a good way to make it hard for people to come to God, that way they will appreciate it. God wants to make it real easy to come and real hard to get away. He's looking for every reason to hold you, not to cast you away. You can stop praying now. Those who have laid your loved ones out in sincerity in faith before God, you can quit begging God for them because God has already answered your prayer. You can start praising God now, He is on the job. He has released forces that would bring about circumstances that would make it hard to get away.


I saw Abraham's book in heaven. Only the good things were recorded. I asked God why the bad things weren't in Abraham's book and God said no. He said, "I don't record failure. I'm not interested in people's failures. The angel told me that God was interested in restoring homes into the kind of unit that God could bless and restoring communication between children and parents. God made the home before He made the church. He wants the parents to feel the hurts of the children. He wants the mother's hearts to be opened in compassion toward the children. God wants to reach the rebellious children. He wants to bring them to a point to where they know how complete God's forgiveness is. That not only does God forgive them, but He forgets it ever happened. He won't record failure for His own children. He wants them to know the joys of His justification.


God not only justifies godly people, but God justifies the ungodly. God wants to justify the ungodly. Justify means just like their sin never happened. God wants those away from Him to know how complete His justification is. He wants them to be able to look up in to God's face and know that they don't have to hang their heads and be ashamed, "but when I see them, I see them as a first class member of My family." God wants His people to get ready for that great day that is coming.


In Acts 27:22-24 it talks about how God would save Paul's shipmates. And God is saying to you mom's and dad's that He will save your unsaved children. Cheer up! God is working on them. Some of the shipmates wanted to go their own way so Paul told them that they better obey because God has plans to save them and will help them with that choice, the right decision. Paul helped them make that important decision. God will make it easier for your unsaved loved ones to accept Him. He didn't come to condemn the world but that through Him the world might have life.


There are more angels in here than there are people. "Rise up Lord, let your enemies be scattered." The bottom line of this is this. You wives who have husbands who don't know the Lord and you've really prayed for them, you've laid them out on the altar and you've honestly prayed for them. Quit pestering them to death. Quit preaching at them. They're getting enough preaching, and pushing, and pulling right now, from another source. That big angel that stood facing Joshua, Joshua said, "Are you going to be on their side or our side. You with us or with are enemy?" The angel said, "You are wrong on both counts, but I have come as a leader of another army and we're taking our orders from Heaven. Your God who is giving us orders knows what the needs are."


Wherever men or women honestly lay out there loved ones in prayer. It means that if there is a relative who knows Jesus, every family member is put on a special list. They are highly favored by God. This angel told me he would give a Bible reference to tell who he was. It turned out that this angel was Gabriel. God let me see Jesus smeared with all the filth of the world when He returned to heaven after He was sacrificed. Jesus had filthy garments on. Gabriel told me that at God's command he took those filthy garments from Him, and destroyed them and then brought Jesus new garments and put it on Him. "I took a crown and put it on His head" said Gabriel. On the crown it read Holiness unto the Lord. Gabriel said this is your High Priest and the message that He is carrying to God the Father through all of eternity is this. "Father count all of those people whose sins I carried. Count them holy in your sight." They may not be holy in the eyes of man. There may be a lot of mistakes and a lot of faults and failures but Jesus said, "Father count them holy in Your sight." If you're putting your faith in what Jesus has done and you're putting out your hand and saying, "I accept what You've done for me. I confirm my reservation." Suddenly you have identified yourself with the beauty of His holiness and your sins are gone. You have hope, a new life. You're His brand new members of His family. If there's been a time when you were going to accept Jesus, now is the time because there is special help from heaven like there's never been. God tells us that the angel's are on assignment. You may be able to resist God but it's not going to be easy, because God made a promise to your loved ones. He cannot let His faithfulness fail. Gabriel is the chief angel who works with God in the unfolding of His plans. Whenever a new chapter is going to be started in God's time line, Gabriel is apart of it in the announcing of the message.