Roland Buck on Angels

Chapter 48 - Q and A about Angels #3

God is bringing believers together from every faith background. He is creating a unity of believers that has taken a totally different turn than what people anticipated. It's not a unity based on intellect. But it's a unity based on a unity of spirit, Jesus in your life. After all, the Word tells us Christ in you is your hope of glory. There may be some pre-tribulation people here tonight; there may be some post tribulation people. But when that clock strikes and God's great plan and the trumpet sounds, God isn't going to open up our heads and take a look and see which position we support. He's going to take a look at our hearts and see if Jesus dwells there. He tells us not to be moved away from the hope of His calling.


One of the most often asked questions that I have received has to do with the rapture of the church. There seems to be a trend away from this blessed hope. And God knew it was going to happen and that's why He said, "be not moved away from this hope." Because Jesus is coming soon He is doing some things in hastening His work today.


About three weeks ago I started getting telephone calls from medical doctors. They were asking me the same things. One of them said, "If this is what God is like, He is the kind of a God that I want to serve." And I said, "He's that kind of a God." And he surrendered his life to God along with his family. I received 47 calls from pastors who had just about given up hope but as they have heard the messages from God's heart they have returned to the ministry with new excitement. It's God on the job. He made a statement through an angel to me. He said you give the message and I'll give it wings and accompany it wherever it is sent.


These are the greatest days of all of history. God is in control. About two in a half years ago I had an experience with God that changed my life. He spoke to me about the world, about His great control. He allowed me to see the world the way He sees it. He reminded me of something that happened to Isaiah. Isaiah was looking at the world from ground level. He said there is blackness and darkness everywhere. And then in the first verse of chapter 6 he saw the Lord, he got a vision of the Almighty. He heard the song; the whole earth is filled with His glory. I could almost hear him saying, "is that the same place I was looking at?" God is in control and the whole earth is still filled with His glory.


It all goes back to a happening on June 19, 1978. I wonder how many people here have the book Angels on Assignment. There are some here who haven't heard. Before some of you may draw conclusions, I could tell not everybody knows quite what to do with this. I have been quite conservative. Don't feel bad if you feel a little skeptical. In the middle of the night on June 19th I felt these strong hands grip me and wake me up in bed. The angel sensed my fear and said, "Don't be afraid. The Father has sent me to bring a message for you to bring to your church and the world." And then he went into the beautiful message on the family. He said to carry this message not that people would quit praying, but to begin thanking God that He was bringing their family to the Lord. He loves to have us talk about our families but we could quit begging God, "God please will you answer prayer for my family in saving them?" You see God cannot save your family. He can bring them to that point of choice; they themselves must make the choice. The family is not saved because God is working on them.


But this angel said that God had sent him into the world leading a great host of angels and they were instructed to listen to no objections of the people, but that when one member of the family knows God then the rest of the family is highly favored of God. And when that one member of the family's name is written down in God's book, God has a special book of reservations where the other members of the family's names are recorded. Doesn't mean they're saved, they still have to confirm their reservation and make that choice.


I had a reservation to come to Spokane today but if we wouldn't have confirmed that reservation and gotten on the plane I would still be in Boise. It doesn't mean that you're automatically going to be in heaven because some member of your family knows the Lord. But it means that God loves you so much that He's got some things going for you. He reminded me of Exodus 30:8-12 where he's speaking about the children of Israel. God gave Moses the plan of redemption in miniature when he gave him the tabernacle. It was God's plan of redemption, the sacrifice, the covering of sin, the work of the high priest in the intercession. All of it was pictures of Jesus and His work. He said to Moses, take a half shekel and number all of Israel. See that every head of the household receives one of these half shekels. Gather together these half shekels, it was a ransom for their souls. He said melt them all together to make silver sockets to suspend the doorway into God's presence the great veil. Make hooks, and these hooks would fit into the sockets. Every family in Israel was represented in the supports for the veil. The Veil was a picture of Jesus Christ. He was the door.


God was saying that the very way into His presence, His plan of redemption was suspended on the fact that He cared for the family, that you were included. Every family of Israel was represented. God cares for families. Another thing he told me as he gave me this message, in Zechariah 1:12, the angel Gabriel who is the angel who stands in God's presence. And he said, "God those children of Israel have been in bondage for 70 years. How long are You going to allow them to stay in bondage. The time is up."


God said, "Tell them that I have turned to them with mercy and I will bring them into the land that I promised them. I will keep my promise." Then God gave me the beautiful picture that this promise was very symbolic of the day when Jesus comes to take His own people back.


(Webmaster's Note: If you add 70 years to 1948, you arrive at the year 2018. Could that be the year of the Rapture, if indeed the re-establishment of Israel is the beginning of the countdown? I believe it is. And Pastor Buck points out that God showed him the Rapture is the theme of the Feast of Tabernacles, which I believe is when the Rapture will occur. If you use the old prophetic calendar of God, based on 360 days in a year, then you come up with the year 2017. Isaiah 13:13, and others, claim the earth will be moved from it's axis during the tribulation [perhaps the day of the Rapture there will be a great earthquake]. Only then will the 7 year Tribulation period, dealing with the restoration and deliverance of Israel [Second Coming at the end], revert back to 360 days per year, as the orbit of the earth is disrupted. How else could the days be 'cut short' [16 hour days in the second half of trib, earth's rotation sped up]? Many prophecy teachers claimed 2015 was a Jubilee year, with four, rare, red moon eclipses, as a further sign of the Rapture? But, that appears to have been hyped up, as of Dec. 21, 2015, the day of this update, and no Rapture event has taken place in 2015. Honestly, I had my suspicions all along, that something wasn't right about 2015 being the date, as some claimed, and even wrote books about. God did tell Pastor Buck that Zech. 1:12 was symbolic of the day when Jesus comes [70 years after reestablishment] to receive HIS people - that's the Bride, the Church made up of believers, not ethnic Israel. Most Jews do not believe at this time, and stand condemned. Revelation speaks of a remnant, 1/3?, of Israel being saved [surviving] to the end of the Great Tribulation [protected in Petra], perhaps as many as 2/3 perishing at the hands of the antichrist. It's also worth noting that from the time that Pastor Buck first heard from the Angel Gabriel in 1978, to 2018, 40 years will have passed. See Rapture Revelation for further detail.)


We (Israel) have been in a country other than the country that God has prepared for us and we're going. And so the angel went down and he stirred up the heart of Cyrus and then he stirred up the hearts of these people. God said, "I knew you Cyrus before you knew me and you're going to build this house." The 70 years of bondage was up. Cyrus told the people, I don't know what's happening to me but it seems like the Lord God of heaven asked me to build a house for Him over there in Jerusalem. I have to let these people go. The angels of heaven stirred up the hearts of the people, they wanted to go. In Ezra 2 and 3 he names those who were prepared to go. Here you do not find one single individual apart from his family. Your family is highly favored of God because you know the Lord. In Joshua 2:18 it talks about Rahab, the one who hid the spies on the wall who were visiting. The spies by inspiration of God told her that there was room also for all of the members of her house to be saved. And the whole house was spared. On God's clock in eternity time has almost run out. I don't know how it relates; it could be a longer period of time on earth because there's no real way of comparing eternity and time. Eternity is a state of being; it's neither long nor short. But things are happening so beautifully.


There are four different kinds of angels. There are the warrior angels, there are the worship angels. The worship angels are the only ones that have wings. And their wings are almost like a worship garment. There are 3 of them on each side. The seraphim and cherubim are high orders of worship angels. Lucifer was the archangel of all of the worship angels. He loved the beauty of worship so much that he desired it for himself. I have watched these worship angels as they have taken these filmy almost like garments that don't look like wings but they've put them up over their face as they have bowed down. There are other wings on the side that drape around the feet kind of like a Bride's train as she folds it around her feet. Beautiful configuration. Then there are two shorter ones that cover the back as they bow and worship.


These angels are not all assigned worship in the throne room of heaven at the same time. When they are not assigned God has sent them into the world and there are literally billions of them. God is searching for individuals who are worshiping God in spirit and these angels come and lift that worship and that praise to Almighty God. They come into buildings such as this where men and women are praising the Lord and though we do not see them, this room tonight has a greater congregation of angels here then there are people. These worship angels, as you lift your heart into worship to God, take the worship sounds and they lift it up into the presence of God. It adds meaning and purpose. I've had it happen at least three times in the last couple of weeks where people have said after the worship and the singing in the Spirit had subsided they could still hear some music and some singing.


The voices of the worship angels have such a range it seems almost impossible. The range will run up so high and so thin, it sounds like a beautiful violin on the highest notes being played from there on down through the depths of the chords that you hear. Those were those angels lifting some notes of praise. God tells angels to praise Him. Psalm 148. In courts of heaven when the name of Jesus is sounded every angel regardless of rank has to fall and worship Him.


The ministry angels live right on this earth. They're in a different dimension, they don't live in houses. You don't see them, only when God tells them to appear. They look just exactly like people. And you have probably seen many of them but you just didn't know who they were. Unless you saw one of them carrying a car around or if you saw them disappear before your eyes. There present all over the place. The first ministering angel that I saw was from the angelic community from the Boise area. I thought I knew all of the communities around there but there's a dimension, an angelic community.


But he said there are a far greater number of angels in this community then there are people. And so it is all through the world. These angels are assigned to help you. He tells those angels to take charge of those people, minister to them, camp around them and keep them. God Himself because of His love for man has sent hosts of angels into all the world to help prepare men and women for God. I've had a ministering angel from Russia come. And it's an exciting thing to hear them talk of how God has assigned them and the work that they're doing. Some of you have probably heard how that the secret police often times among these believers and just before these secret police converge on them, people hear about it and they change the meeting time and the place. Many, many, many ministering angels are working among the people there in body as humans. Now they couldn't do that in this country because we get to know each other so well. But there they can't get to know each other very well. If they do and then they happen to be captured by the secret police there's too much they know about other people so there's not quite the knowledge about one another. So these ministering angels can come in and minister and don't have to worry about any type of exposure and the people actually think they are human beings that are working there.


But these ministering angels are getting messages from the Holy Spirit and the Spirit, "hey you'd better change the time from 5 o' clock to 12 and you'll be all through here by the time that raid comes." Or you'd better find another little spot because there moving this way. This is the most frustrating thing there is to these secret police, they know that that's where they're supposed to be but somebody's telling them. Do you know that that happened way back in Elisha's time? They kept wondering how in the world Elisha knew. "Every time we're going to attack him, all of a sudden he knows" and they had quite a strategy meeting about this, "how does he know?" Well the angels were telling him. The Word tells us they were. They are just having a great time preparing people for the harvest because the countdown has begun.


Gabriel met me on Saturday June the 2nd at 10 p.m. He brought me word about what God is doing in China. He brought me one of the ministering angels from that part of the world. He spoke about a brief time of freedom, also about 1000's of Bibles being brought in without restriction. He mentioned a real hunger being felt throughout the country. And in one Providence Fukian, over 1000 gathered openly to hear the word. Many angels were present to make this possible, closing the eyes and the ears of those who could be of hurt and giving the believers favor.


Isaiah 49:8-12 appeared before me in a living drama. People in darkness stepping out into the light. Throngs of these people being Chinese. As I turned to the Bible after this experience and read they shall come from the land of Sinim, I looked at the references on that and sure enough he was talking about China. About 6 weeks later I received a newsletter about the ministry in China and it was so interesting to read the very things that had been told me. When God prepares these angels to work in a certain place, He prepares them to look just exactly like the people that they are working among. A big black angel came and said he was from Kenya Africa. He had on western clothes. I talked to some missionaries from there and they said that's exactly how people dress like.


On September 3rd 1979 I was awakened again about 1 a.m. and was ministered to by God through angels He had sent. In the course of this ministry God had allowed me to witness again His great plan in operation of making us acceptable in His sight. God has a plan, and it's a good plan. When you put your faith in what He has done God immediately applies to your life the great covering of His blood and you are accepted of Him not on the basis of your performance but on the basis of Jesus' performance. Coming alive before me was the message of the greatness of Christ and the fact that He was the head of all of God's forces. I saw Jesus literally strip from Satan all of his authority. He may come around and pester you but he has lost his authority. God has now made us to share the very life of Christ, He has forgiven you all of your sins, He has utterly wiped out the damning evidence of broken laws and commandments which always hung over our heads. And has completely annulled it by nailing it over his own head on the cross. And then having drawn the sting of all the powers ranged against us. He exposed them, shattered, emptied and defeated in His final glorious triumphant act.


Then something happened and I was translated into the presence of Jesus. Like Paul I am not sure if I was in the body or spirit. But I saw Jesus. I met Him, I talked with Him for the first time. His appearance was identical to that described by John in Revelation 1:13-18. He appeared as the great judge of all. It is possible that He will take on a different appearance at His return. His earthly appearance. What I was allowed to see was His eternal appearance. His white hair hung to his shoulders. His face shown like pure white light. He wore a wide gold belt that was contoured to partially cover his chest. His shoes shown like polished copper. His eyes were much like Gabriel's. Could it be that these garments and this appearance is characteristic of those who dwell in God's presence?


My spirit leaped within me as He stated that His servants, the angels had been sent forth to compel men and women to come to this point of choice because of the Father's great love for them. Then He reminded me of what He spoke to his disciples that in the last days He would send forth His angels to help with the harvest. He reminded me of the parable that He gave to his servants, go out into the highways and the byways and compel them to come in. He also spoke of the numberless hosts sent into all of the earth to help prepare the precious fruit of the earth, redeemed souls for the harvest. He then summoned representatives from every part of the world. Several of these were ministering angels I had previously met from every part of the world. There were angels from South America, from India, from the Arctic.


His purpose for this meeting was to remind me of the urgency and the importance of linking arms with Him and telling the world that He cares and telling the workers around the world that they are not alone. Any missionaries here tonight? God wants you to know you're not alone. When I returned I stood alone by the stream behind my house almost like I was between two worlds. I was more aware than other that the countdown is nearly finished. The sickle has been thrust in. We must be alert, awake, and full of faith and make each breath count for God.


In the presence of Jesus I was allowed to see the terrible days of tribulation from God's point of view. I met many of Gabriel's angels who will be extremely active during that time. I was allowed to visit briefly with Michael who also has an important role to fill during those days. Jesus stated that even tribulation would not separate men and women from His love. Then he stated that millions would be saved by death in standing for God in those days. Many that have been prayed for that God has promised salvation may not have accepted in this life will turn to God in that time. The Spirit will still be working on the earth at this time. He said the prayers of those who loved God for their loved ones will still be effective. They will die for their stand and be united at the resurrection at the close of these days of sorrow with loved ones who were caught up before these awful days.


He said that not one believer in fellowship with Him will taste the wrath and the fury of even one day of tribulation. Praise God. His love goes beyond human comprehension. Did you know that on the job you're in because you love God that you are in full time gospel work whatever your doing? When you have linked arms with God, everyday of your life is planned by Him and it isn't a struggle that you make trying to say well I wonder if I'm making the right step here, the steps are even ordered by the Lord. Your path is even directed by the Lord. The input of your thinking when you're in right relationship with God, it comes because God helps you to think the thoughts that are steering and guiding your life. Because you love Jesus you are in full time gospel service. Those skills that you have were given to you by God. That training you have was something that God directed you in. Stay busy for God. Occupy till He comes.