Priority #5 : The Great Commission

Chapter 31 - This is Our Day

We so appreciate each of you who are here this morning. God is doing something so supernatural in our day. He is here, He is guiding, He is creating a great current in His River and He says, "Jump into the flow of His life." God is doing some things today, letting people know that He's interested in people. He's not only interested in history, He's not only interested in events, He's interested in people. Hallelujah. I've chosen to call this message this is our day. We must not let it pass us by, it is our day.


A very special day is upon us. It's a day of ministries of the Spirit in daily operation by the body of Christ, not just by certain picked individuals but as the Spirit moves and sees the needs and people are available God is using men and women. It's a special day of visitation. In Luke 19:41-44 Jesus spoke of a special visitation that Jerusalem, the people of that day experienced but He said He wept as He looked over Jerusalem and the reason why there were divine tears that were shed, was because they didn't know the day of their visitation. They didn't recognize it. He cried out, "if only you would have known in your day the time of your visitation; if you only would have known the things that were important the things that would bring peace to your heart. But you didn't know and there's coming a time when they're hidden from your eyes." And I feel that God today is bringing to us a beautiful visitation. This is a day of visitation. And I'm glad that today as He looks over the world at this point He is not saying it's hidden from their eyes.


Across the world the cry has gone up, "thank you God for visiting us." And I'm sure if you could somehow hear the choirs of angels sing it would be the world is responding to God's visitation. That's why you're here this morning; you know the world is being visited, by great revivals, by visitors from heaven. I've had so many people ask me, "how come God allowed you to witness visitors from heaven?" The important thing is this; you have been visited and are being visited. What's happened to me is not an unusual thing. It's just that the Lord allowed me to see what was happening and let me know that what was happening there is happening with everyone of you. Most of the time we'll never know or see but it's there; the presence of God. For He did say to His angels take charge of those people. And the angels of the Lord encamp around about those who Fear Him.


God is bringing messages to the world in many ways. The Spirit of God that dwells within your heart is the controlling center; the Spirit of the Lord Himself is the One who controls all of these other great experiences. So don't turn your eyes away from Jesus and say, "He must not love me, He hasn't let me see an angelic being." Do you know something? You have within your heart a person that is far greater than all of the angels put together. Greater is He that is in you, the Spirit. An angel cannot visit with you; an angel cannot stay visible to you only as ordered by God. But Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you but will stand by you. I thank God for the perspective that these angels have given me of how great Jesus really is. This last visit, he said that their highest purpose of work regardless of what their function was in God's order, in God's program was to worship Jesus. All of them have the same highest purpose and that is at the name of Jesus they all have to fall and bow and worship Him, at the name of Jesus. Worship is their highest purpose, worshiping God. And to me, Jesus is in a position of honor and of glory by things in this earth, things in heaven, all of creation, Jesus is ascending to a point, of a place where in the very near future, everything is going to be turned over to Him. The One that said, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you." The One that said "I'm your friend, I'll stand by you, I'm yours."


I wanted you to know; this is a day of special visitation by God in the various ways that He would come. My purpose of this message today has three main objectives. One is to point to you an open door of hope for those of you who are searching. I know there are many here today who are searching. You're fed up with religion as such but your heart is longing for God and you're reaching, reaching for Him. God wants you to know that He is in control, that He loves you, that He wants you, that He has room for you. And God has added another little clause to this message that He's made part of my life and that is that He's come looking for you. That He will not let you go. You may turn away in your direction but God wants you, God loves you, God's concerned about people. This is our day.


God's angels right now are sent forth into the world to do a very special job. And that is to reach men and women everywhere and to not listen to their objections but to bring them to a point of choice and if they refuse to make the right choice, God isn't looking for some reason to cut you off and to throw you away. He begins the cycle all over again to bring you to that point of choice. If you refuse He'll begin it again. He is not trying to prove something to you, He's not wanting to just fulfill His obligation by saying I gave you a chance. He'll give you a thousand chances if you will just give Him the opportunity to help you. Every life is so valuable to God. As you sit here today, you are so important to Him. The things that are happening in your life aren't just happening. God is doing it. God is putting it together. He's not doing it just for one church, one individual, one denomination; God is working with people today and giving them a job to do. This is our day.


Every generation has had a special move of God. I can think of a number of special moves in my lifetime. I can look back and down through history there have been special revivals under men that God has raised up but the revival that God is bringing to the world today is different and far more reaching than any revival the world has ever known. It's not because of great individuals that God is raising up. It's because of believers, members of the body of Christ who are becoming God's voice, who are taking on the likeness of Jesus because of His Word. I was reading Colossians last night. I read it over and over and over again. As I read that third chapter I could see how God's desire for us was that we look to the world just like Jesus looked to the world, His love, His heart and that we represent Jesus. They don't see Him, they see us. John 20:21. He tells us about the divine commission He has given to us. He said, "As My Father sent me so I send you. You're going out just like I went out with the same job I had." We have His commission, we have His power. Acts 1:8, He said, "you will be witnesses unto Me, and I'm sending you the promise of My Father, the power. You will be endued with power from on high after the Holy Spirit has come upon you. I'm giving you my work; I'm giving you my power to see that it's done. Then He said, "I give you my authority." John 20:23. He tells about the authority of His name. With what God is doing today with all of these angels at work bringing people to the door to a point of choice and a decision, we become the door. Jesus says, "You are the door. As my Father sent me out here to be the door I am sending you out to be the door, the doorway right to God's heart."


So these angels are going to be bringing people across your pathway. Don't hesitate to be alert, so that you'll be ready when the Spirit says, "here comes one, bring them in." The angels aren't going to push them through the door but they don't mind you pushing them through. You have a job to do. Get them in. You as individuals are being appointed as God's representatives. You are representing Jesus and letting the world see Jesus in you, letting them feel His compassion, His love, his heartbeat. Let people know that your meetings with them are not accidental. You have authority. God has opened the door of ministry for us today.


There are people all over who are saying "I want to be used of God." Here's the way. John 7:37. He said that the water that God gives will become a river flowing out of you to other people who need God, the life-giving water that they so definitely need. There are some things that Jesus said that He gives you and that with these things you can represent Him and His authority. John 20:19, Here's my peace, when this peace is real to you, then you're going to be able to share. The people had a chance to see Him. They saw the Lord and they were gladdened. They didn't have an experience that was sour and resentful and bitter or an experience that was dead and cold but there was gladness. Now He said because you have the peace and because you can get glad and happy for what has happened to you, then He said "I'm going to send you out to take My job." And then He breathed on them and said here's my Spirit now to do the job and to clench it. Then comes verse twenty-three where He gives you this authority. This authority does not come to people who know the Bible by heart. Who are able to give you the meanings of words and have it seemingly all mapped out. No. It is people who have seen Jesus and are glad and have His peace, they are experiencing the very reality of His Life and the rivers flowing out from them, those are the one's that the Lord is using.


And people are finding God today all over the country by people who may not know that much about the Bible, but they know Jesus. This isn't minimizing the value of the Word, this Word is so important in our hearts and lives. But it is not the thing that will give you His authority. There are theologians all over the country that don't have enough authority to tell a person your sins are forgiven. They don't have it. There are some who do know the Bible and they can quote somebody else but they can't speak with authority. The difference between Jesus and the scribes of His day, it said, "He spoke not as the Scribes but He spoke as one having authority." There's a lot of difference between having authority when you know Him and you have that peace and what you're talking about is a real experience you can share it with others and people want what you've got. When you know Him, here's your authority. Whosoever sins you remit they are remitted unto them. When you see that person open their hearts to Jesus and say, "I want Him," you can tell them with authority your sins are gone. Jesus said that. God says I'll back you up because you know Jesus.


2 Corinthians 5:20. He said that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Telling them their sins were gone. Now he said that He's in us giving us this same ministry. So we can reach out and get a hold of people's hand and reach up and get a hold of God's hand. We can pull them together. The word is that you can come now. God said there are a lot of stubborn people who don't want to come. They have to have a little help, so He gives us the ministry of reconciliation. He says get behind them, push them, pull them, get them in there, and pull their hand and God's together. Put it together. The ministry of reconciliation. What He's telling you is that He has given you the right to make it happen. You can help that person right into fellowship with God. This is a day of hope, of service.


"Father we thank you that You've given us the right to represent Jesus. And in this day, this revival, You have made everyone of your believers your evangelist'. And they're feeling the call and they're being sent by You. We thank You for this. We know dear Lord; something special is in the air. Something is happening. We don't have all the details but we know something is happening." Because of the kind of revival that God is bringing today, this could be the last revival for the last generation. I had many people ask me; "did those angels who ministered to you say anything about the return of Christ?" I asked him and this angel said I can't tell you the exact time because I don't know but I will tell you this, that he had observed in the courts of heaven greater excitement and greater activity than he had witnessed at any time since Jesus came the first time. I thought I was going to be raptured right there. He said that the excitement is building up in the courts of heaven. Let's lay down those petty little arguments we have. Forget about little old things that you don't like about serving the Lord. Open your heart and expose yourself to the mighty flow of what He's doing. And let the world see the gladness and the joy of the fact that you have met Jesus and there's a freshness there of His touch in your life.