Priority #7 : Jesus is Coming Again

Chapter 40 - He is Coming Again

The message that God is bringing today in no way weakens His hatred for sin. He will not condone it, He hates it. But He also wants us to know that He has made provision for those who want to walk with Him. Today I'm speaking on God's Priorities. What I have here is a little paper that I jotted down at my house about six weeks ago. I was visited by some angels from heaven with some very important truths. Things that are very important to God. And any time something is as important to bring by special delivery though it's been in the Word all along, but so often we allow the Word to be covered up or it's cloudy to us. And they brought these truths from God's own heart. There are seven of them here. I would like you to begin to speak about them to other people.


You're wondering what can I talk to people about, talk to them about those things that are important to God. A lot of different things that may look like happenings of the day, events, but there are some way you can tie them to these priorities. Speak about them; teach them, you that have classes with children or adults. Tie them in; weave them in as foundational truths. Search them out in the Word. Look at the Word, find out what He has to say about these priorities, read about them wherever you can, talk to God about them. Let them literally grip you. Soak them up in your innermost being. They are truths that I believe that will not only change your life but they will help you to produce what God wants you to produce.


Today we will deal with one of these priorities in detail. The first of these priorities is the power of the Blood of Jesus, the message that God gave His Son for us. It is actually an expression of the Love of God. Message in Blood. When it was shed it became available for everyone. That blood was so important that not one drop was wasted. It's the only blood that has ever been referred to as incorruptible. This was God's plan. That blood even now if somehow you could move into the courts of heaven even as Paul had an opportunity too, and he said there it is, there's the blood, and forever throughout eternity the blood has a place.


Another great priority is that God wants fellowship with you. God wants people not only believers; God wants those who are far, far from Him. And He said if you would just call to Me from wherever you are, from the very farthest point of all of creation I will remove all of the distance from you and Me. I want you to come so bad. If you would call unto Me from thence I will hear and I will forgive. God wants you. He is not looking for reasons to disown you. But He is looking for reasons to help you, and to bring you, and to draw you. He is saying come let us talk it over, come let us reason together says the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson they shall be white as wool. These are the words that God Himself is giving to you.


The third priority is the truth that Jesus is alive today. Jesus is alive today. And His life is being witnessed around the world. And it's the witness of His life that draws people to God. When Jesus went away He said, "You will be witnesses unto Me." He didn't say you will learn how to have a formula for presenting a few ideas. No, He said you will be witnesses that I am alive. Praise God. So all through the book of Acts you read wherever that word they gave witness you have to see they gave witness to the power of the resurrection that Jesus was alive. And those people that thought they had put Him to death. They looked and they saw those who had belonged to Jesus and they saw that Jesus was living in them and instead of one Jesus to contend with they had a whole lot of Jesus to contend with. Because all of those that served Him were reflecting the power and the life of Jesus. So the life of Jesus, God said is important today and people need to know that He is alive, and the way they'll know He's alive is seeing Him living inside of you, and you reflect that life.


Then another great priority is the promise of the Holy Spirit. He said this is high priority with God today. The power of the Holy Spirit. He wants men and women to know that there's more power available to them then what they can generate themselves.


The fifth priority that He gave me was that the world needs to hear, the world must hear the good news. The world needs to hear the good news. You know what good news is? The good news is that you can come now, God will accept you, that His wrath is turned away, that somebody else has took your place in judgment. The thing that troubles people all their lifetime is that fear of meeting God. You read it in Hebrews 2:9-14. He tells you the fact that you could come, you've had a substitute in the judgment of God, and that He came to deliver those who all of their lifetime were subject to fear.


Then the sixth priority is the truth and the fact that those who put their trust in Jesus Christ and what He has done are covered and shall not come into condemnation because they have passed from death into life and they're covered. God wants people to enter into the rest that comes from knowing that Jesus has paid it all. "All to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain but He washed it white as snow." That is top priority with God today, the message that you are covered.


The seventh priority is that Jesus is coming again to take His people to a place that He has prepared. It's top priority with God. He's preparing a people for that great day. We're going to spend some time on this one, the fact that Jesus has prepared a place for those who love Him. The message that was brought to me by Gabriel himself is that the angels don't even know the hour. The only statement they gave me regarding the return of Christ was that there is more excitement and activity in the courts of heaven today then there has been in any time since Jesus came the first time.


There are many indications that we are moving closer to the end of time as we know it. If man's stay on earth from the time of Adam and Eve could be placed in a clock with 12 hours I believe that we are right at the end of the 11th hour. Jesus is coming. Praise God. He did tell us we can know the times and the seasons. We can see the seasons because a season has indications when that season is coming. When spring comes the grass starts turning green. When fall comes everything turns brown. And Jesus said you could tell the season when He is coming. How much time is left? We don't know. But we do know this that God has permitted each of us to live in the greatest days of all of history. Days when congregations and various parts of the world are responding to God and what He is doing. There are many churches that haven't caught the vision but as Jesus tarries they're going to because people from all faiths, from all walks of like, from all nationalities. This move that God has brought to the world today is crossing every denominational line. You can't keep God out and you can't hold Him in. And the barriers are coming down.


The most important thing we can stand on is the Word of God. God will not violate his Character or His Word. John 14:1-2, Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go I will come again and receive you unto Myself that where I am there you may be also." Jesus said He was coming again. Luke 21:25-28 He said there would be certain things that would be happening in this world, indications of great fear, of men's hearts failing them for fear. But Jesus said when these things begin to come to pass, lift up your eyes and look for your redemption draws nigh. Jesus is coming. Acts 1:10-11. There were some angelic beings visiting the earth when Jesus was here. As Jesus went up to heaven two men stood by them in white apparel and said, "You men of Galilee, why do you stand here gazing up in heaven, this same Jesus that is taken up from you shall also come in like manner as you have seen Him go." Did you notice the word, this same Jesus is coming. Don't try to figure it out. If you could figure God out He wouldn't be God.


Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18 that if you believe that Jesus died and He rose again you have to believe that He is coming again. Paul believed that Jesus is coming. He said concerning this, it's part of the good news. That God is taking care of things. So you don't have to worry as you walk with the Lord. You don't have to be concerned or in a constant frenzy wondering whether you're going to be ready when Jesus comes. If you're serving Jesus, you've linked arms with Him, there may be a lot of ups and downs in your path. But you're in His family. You don't have to fret or worry. There are a lot of people that feel that if you let people know how God really feels that people will get careless. God doesn't want you to change what He said because of some fears that you have.


The real thing is that people are finding new victories when they can relax and stop putting their energy into that struggle that they have and start letting the river flow through their life. That flow through of life will take care of those things that are troubling you. In that last verse of 1 Thessalonians 4 he says, "When you talk about the coming of Jesus, comfort one another with these words." So you got something to talk about to people. When you see them looking down say, "cheer up, Jesus is coming." James talked about it, James the fifth chapter verses 7 and 8. He said, "Be patient brethren unto the coming of the Lord." He may not have come just when you thought He was going to, but be patient, because He is coming, He has some things that He is looking to accomplish, but he said be patient unto the coming of the Lord.


Peter talked about it; he said you can quit worrying about all those things you think needs to be done in your life before He comes. You can rest in the fact that God is bringing a special load of grace with Him when He comes. So he said instead of looking at weaknesses, hurts and the hard times around you start looking for the grace that will be brought to you at the appearing of Jesus Christ when He is revealed in heaven. To know that He's compensating for us, not that we're sufficient you see to think anything of ourselves but our sufficiency is in Christ. Christ in us is our hope of glory.


John spoke of it in 1 John 3:2, and he said, "it doesn't yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He appears something is going to happen, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is." Jude spoke of it over in Jude the 24th verse where he said, "now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless before His Father." He was encouraging these people, quit worrying about falling, God is big enough to call you and help you and deliver you of your sins, and He's also big enough to keep you. All of the markers of history tell us that He is coming. There's no question about it, something is happening today spiritually today in the world and you're a part of it. Jesus is coming. The message that Jesus is coming is so important. When this great angel gave me these priorities, he spoke to me about these priorities as being a part of God's plan before He even made the earth. And that there all embodied and contained in God's plan that He gave to Moses in Leviticus 23. Then he made reference though all of these truths are of top priority that in sequence they happened historically, that Christ was prepared for the cross, the Passover, He died and gave His life, He restored fellowship with man at the feast of unleavened bread. And then there came the feast of the first fruits which spoke of the resurrection that Jesus is alive. Then there was the feast of Pentecost that came 50 days after. And that's exactly what happened 50 days after the resurrection Jesus poured out His Spirit upon the earth on the day of Pentecost.


Then He said to His disciples, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel." But He said before you go I want you to partake of this part of God's great plan, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. So when you go out to do His work you'll have His power to do it with, you'll have His nature to show to the world. The next feast was the feast of trumpets, trumpeting the good news to all the world. Then came the feast of atonement. And this is the one he said in sequence is the message that though all of the other priorities are there and there all included, this is the message that will prepare the hearts of men and women for the next one that's about to happen. And that is the feast of tabernacles. This refers to now at this time He's dwelling among us in the power of the Holy Spirit, but the word tabernacle means a house. And there was something to do with their feast of tabernacles where the children of Israel built little booths as a type of some places only on a very miniature small scale of what there is in heaven. But he said at the feast of tabernacles you are depicting a time when you're gathered home to be with Him. And He has gone to prepare that place for us, and He's coming back to receive us. So the great message today is that message of atonement. And that message of atonement actually means the message of covering. Atonement means to cover. Praise God forever. It's God's plan. And the angel gave me that one diagram that I gave to you, of how God could not see through the covering that was over man when his faith was in the blood. There was a covering that was there. God wants you people to get this message in your heart. Get it into your mind, talk about it to people wherever you are. And this message of atonement has a three way message. It has a message to those who are living for God; it has a message for those who are careless. But it also has a message for the unbeliever to let them know the awesomeness of God. Write this down.


At the bottom of your page write the word man. There are three things that stand between man and God, 3 reasons why he cannot be accepted. One is sin. The next one is fault, and the next one is failure. All things at this point without a covering are open to the eyes of the One with whom we have to do. God cannot stand sin even with the least degree of allowance. God cannot stand fault. Even the priest had to be without blemish in order to function as a priest. The sacrifice had to be without blemish to be used for God is a God of perfection. God allowed me to see the Old Testament priest as he went in with the sacrifices for the children of Israel so that they could be covered from one year to the next.


There is no flesh that can stand before God, so when the priest went in, God allowed me to see him coming, and an animal had to be slain just for this priest. And the blood of this calf had to be taken and had to be applied to him, and put on all of the Arcticles of the room where he went. But this priest could not begin his work in the holy place until something else happened. Aaron the high priest at that time was told to take a handful of incense, it was incense that was a type of Jesus, it had been beaten, and it had felt the scourge of suffering and pounding. And some live coals had to be taken off of the fire which was a type of judgment. The incense as Aaron took them into the holiest place where God was, he had to quickly put that handful of incense on this fire, these live coals. And a cloud ascended from the incense. And it went over the top and Aaron became engulfed in a cloud, a sweet smelling incense that reached up and pleased God Himself and God then looking down saw Aaron through the cloud which represented Jesus Christ and His suffering. Then Aaron could place the blood over the Mercy seat and the other places in that holy place for himself and the people. Then knowing that he was covered, knowing that the cloud was covering him and God looked at him through the cloud, then Aaron could bring the people to that place where they were covered.


God said, "You've got to do this or you're going to die Aaron." He spoke to me about Jesus. He said because Aaron could only die for himself. God had provided a way where by he could be accepted but he said Jesus, the sinless Son of God went in as the High Priest with no atonement for Himself. No covering. He went in before God, the sin bearer and the stroke of God's judgment and God's wrath penetrated Him and He became the real incense then as He took the stroke of God's wrath. And that incense ascended up and it covered all who would put their trust in Him. Everything in that tabernacle was a type of Jesus. But the most beautiful thing of all was Jesus becoming our covering through offering a sweet smelling incense unto God. So those who come to Him are covered.


Gabriel told me you can read this in Leviticus the 16th chapter verse 11 and 12. Then you could see what happened to the people after Aaron offered the sacrifice. He said that the goat was taken then which was also a type of Jesus, one of them blood was placed over the top of the mercy seat that contained all of the sins of the children of Israel and they were covered. Then after they were covered it took another animal, it took of them to represent what Jesus did. In verse 16 it speaks about the sacrifice, and as the hands of Aaron were placed upon this goat which was called the scape goat and he pronounced over this goat all of the categories of sin that Israel had entered into. He said that now that sin is covered it can be taken away.


God wants you to know that when He covers your sin, He's not going to leave a rotting pile of sin there just covered; he says, "I cover it first so I can accept you, and then I have a plan of taking it all away." And all of the sin was placed upon this scape goat and he was led out into the wilderness into a place where he could never be found. And that's what's happened to your sin. It's not only covered but it's removed as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed your transgression from you. And over the top is the covering of Jesus Christ. And so when God looks down at you all of those things that happened in the normal course of this life are hidden. And you are accepted in Him. He only asks that you put your faith in what He has done for you.