Priority 1: The Sacrifice of Jesus

Chapter 5 - Power of the Blood of Jesus #2

I'm going to read the introduction. In all of creation we see the intricate detail in God's planning. The structure of the grass of the field or the leaves of the trees shows evidence of His thought. From the tiniest insect to His highest creation we see the mark of His hand. So it is in fellowship and oneness we share with Him today. The victories over sin and sickness, the divine life we enjoy in these mortal bodies. Yes these are part of a divine plan born in God's heart before the world was made. Perfect and complete in every detail. In this plan we see a revelation of God's heart. His desire and love for man. We see man occupying a bigger place in the heart and mind of the Creator then any other part of His creation. In this study we will look at the very heart of His plan. Redemption by blood and the blessings it procures: Reconciliation, cleansing, sanctification, restoration, victory, and life.


I would like to remind you of how detailed God is in all of His creation. Have you noticed even those tiniest insects that look so small how beautiful each of them are put together, each of them having a definite purpose in His overall plan, the world and science calls it ecology but it's God's planning is what it really is see. It fits into His plan. The big fish will eat up the little fish. God knows those big fish will get real hungry so He has a million times as many fish and eggs that will grow because it's God's plan, and God's great cycle. And when we think of the design of God and how it's stamped, I think of the trees in Kauai, one of the rivers in Hawaii.


Did you hear the story about the leaves of those trees? Kauai has more rainfall than any other area around there. These rivers flow, God has to make it rain up there every day because those rivers aren't very long and there's not much place to gather moisture so God just keeps turning on the facet, so it's like God's pipe down there providing all the water. God wanted us to see His handiwork. And so there are literally billions of leaves that grow along these rivers, and every one of these trees has a map of this island. It's the shape of the island, and it has the peak in the middle, and so the islanders there say that God really smiled on that island and put His mark on all of these trees that line the rivers each of them showing a design of the island. God did this. And there's hardly anything in nature that you can't find a beautiful design and a reason why He's put it together.


I think of the stag horn beetle. God made that male beetle with long horns that stick out about 4 inches. The female doesn't have any horns. But when the butterfly lays her eggs, they all look alike, she goes 8 inches deeper and puts the male egg 8 inches deeper than the female egg, because God told that little old bug that if that male beetle when it hatched had to have some room for its horns to grow. Researchers have discovered that there has never been a male beetle egg found less than 8 inches from the surface! Talk about design. Little old atoms, the world in general. God did it.


Now God in this great design, the biggest most important design in His entire universe, don't you think He spent some great deal of time on the big plan, oh you know He did. In laying this out He said, "I'm taking my own Son, He's going to be a Lamb that is going to be sacrificed. You were redeemed by the precious blood of Christ that was foreordained before the foundation of the world. For the life of the flesh is in the blood. Life is in the blood, this is where the power comes from. He said that life is in the blood, so the value of the blood is determined by the kind of a life it flows through. This blood that is so precious didn't just flow through an animal, or through an ordinary human being. It flowed through one who was direct from the hand of God. In Him all of the fullness dwells, the fullness of the Godhead dwells within Him.


So you are actually saying that the power of the whole universe is in that blood. Boy this makes me feel safe, when I know that the blood has been applied the power of the whole universe is wrapping me up. Life was given to satisfy God's demands. He said without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins, you cannot be redeemed. But when blood covers the individual, sin is so entirely covered and atoned for it can no longer be identified with the transgressor. The worst murderer in the whole wide world, Paul said I am the chief of all sinners, when that person puts their faith in that blood, there's an atonement that separates this person from this pile of sin and crime and there is no way in the entire universe, there's no way that God has to ever identify that person with His crimes again. The blood is that great equalizer. People that are way down, it brings them up, and people that are way up it brings them down. God has it all written out paid in full for everybody but there's a lot of people that haven't come to Jesus yet and said hey give me my receipt. Paid in full. There are a lot of people worried about where there sins are, and through these verses you can show them where they are. Blotted out as a thick cloud, all of their sins in the depths of the sea. And their sins and iniquities I will remember no more forever.


One Sunday morning God gave me a reference in prophecy. God has made us His spiritual Israel. The blood destroys the power of sin. The Holy Spirit is His dynamic force. The power of the blood is God's silent force that works whether you realize it or not. Within you there is a little organ that keeps pumping and unless you're scared you're not always conscience that your heart is beating or not. In the natural your heart keeps pumping 24 hours a day, Paul said, "whether I'm awake or whether I'm asleep I am the Lord's. Whether you're sleeping or not your heart keeps beating.


The same goes for the blood of Jesus. So the blood of Jesus, the great heart of God, it just keeps on beating out to you 24 hours a day, whether you're awake or whether you're asleep, or even if you get mad at some one the blood of Jesus keeps beating out to you as long your heart's desire is still there to please God. So if our hearts only beat when we thought it was beating then we would be in trouble. So when things go wrong don't suddenly say, "Heart start beating!" You don't have to. God says you're tied in with the heart of the universe. It's all right to remind Him, and God won't make fun of you if you do, but He wants us to know that He's on the job all the time. There's no place in the whole Bible where you could ever read, "plead the blood." I'm not putting this down, it's not something that displeases God, but it's so comforting when we know that whether we awake or whether we sleep that blood keeps on flowing giving us a constant cleansing! It was the power of the blood that raised up Jesus from the dead. His blood destroyed the power of death, hell, sin, and the devil. His blood gives entrance to eternal life. God's eternal righteousness guarded the most holy place. God said that we can come now because the blood has turned God's wrath away. God's anger is pacified, judgment has been complete. That same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will quicken us also through the blood. A lot of people don't realize how intricately God ties His plan all together. The Holy Spirit comes when a person puts their faith in the blood of Jesus.