Roland Buck on Angels

Chapter 46 - Q & A about Angels #1

South Bend Indiana. The Hunters speak so highly of this congregation and this work. Brother Sumrall said that he's kind of grown up with it so he doesn't realize what it looks like to a first time visitor. But I would have to say that less than half was told by the Hunters. This is a tremendous work for God. My heart is encouraged. While we were at the T.V. station this morning I was reminded of one of the messages that were brought to me with regard to the necessity with getting these messages out to the world. And over and over, nearly everyday I have occasion to either think it or speak it. The word spoken to me on that first visit when he said you must give this message. Your responsibility will be that of giving it. God's responsibility would be of giving it wings and of accompanying those words and giving them life wherever sent. Now the reason for this being the words in that book and those messages are definitely words direct from the Word of God. Everything that has been brought to me has been anchored in the Word. So what He was actually saying is that God will honor his word and will give it life, and give it wings.


While I was on channel 40 in L.A. I mentioned to the Crouches the word that God gave me and that He would give it wings. Jan responded saying our satellite that we have up there is called gospel wings. And so in reality God is using television to do a work that man could accomplish in no other way. And God has two armies at work. He has the Spirit filled believers, and He has our allies from heaven. And together our great supreme commander is making a pincer movement against the forces of the enemy. Satan doesn't have a chance.


A few months ago a tape came out with a message by John Todd on Satan's timetable, how he was planning on taking over America. Before I ever knew such a person as John Todd existed the angel mentioned this message and I didn't know I was going to bump into it. But what he did say was that Satan is a liar, he cannot tell the truth, there's no truth in him and he cannot tell the truth. Therefore the angel said when you hear reports of any individual who states that they have been one of Satan's followers and their bringing words of Satan's plans know that they are lies because Satan even to his own followers cannot tell the truth. There's no truth in him neither can he tell the truth. And when Satan says that he has a timetable for various things that he's accomplishing, know that it is a part of his lies. He has been divested of all of his authority, all of his power and at best all he can do is create a delaying action and a nuisance type action against the work of God but that he has no plan on anything that he is doing because his doom is already sealed. Then he gave me the verse of scripture over in Colossians the 2nd chapter where he said he spoiled the principalities. That word spoiled, and I didn't realize this but that angel said God had prepared this word for this one occasion and that spoiling literally meant the divesting him of all of his authority, of all of his power. And then He threw the word away because Satan would never be given his authority back again so it would never need to be used in the believer's language. We don't have to keep spoiling him over and over again because his authority has never returned. That word is used only once in the entire bible. And that means he divested, striped from Satan all of his authority. And he never gave it back to him and so that's the reason why we can walk out there, and that's why Jesus said in Luke 10 "I give you power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you," get out there and get the job done. This is God's great plan and purpose.


The first question is do angels have free will like a human? I don't know. I believe that they do have definite personalities but in their dealings with mankind I do not believe that they are free to exercise a will of their own. Because the Word tells us they do his commandments as you read in Psalm 104. So when it comes to their work with us they are not free to exercise their own will. But what happens otherwise it seems to me that they have a free will to a certain extent anyway because I saw them out there in the yard visiting with each other.


When the angels are visible to you would they be visible to someone else in the same room? I cannot see why they wouldn't be because they have become solid substance you see. Just like everybody else, they're solid. When they sat at the end of my bed they pushed it way down and so there's plenty of matter there. One day Gabriel walked out of the office door and went down to the other door and if my dog doesn't see them she certainly puts on a good act. She walked along behind one step behind her tail wagging as he walked along. What do they do when the angels leave? Gabriel one time walked to the front door of my home and put his hand on the door knob, he said that he had been summoned by the Holy Spirit on assignment but he said I'm leaving Krioni and the other warrior angel there. But up until that time Gabriel was the only one that had spoken with me. When he left God had permitted the other angels to speak to me. He put his hand on the door knob but while he was standing there talking to me he didn't open the door to go out he just vanished. On another occasion one morning Michael was there with Gabriel and there is an order of responsibility among the forces of darkness the same as there is as the forces of light because a cross section followed Satan you see. There are princes of darkness as well as the lower level of the angels but this is what troubled Daniel. Some of the princes of darkness wanted to delay the answers to his prayers there. But on one occasion Gabriel told me that the princes of darkness had a design that was very evil. The Holy Spirit said Gabriel take Michael with you. Gabriel said that there is tremendous might and power in Michael and his angels and he described to me the thing that happened with Daniel and so he said, "when I spoke to Daniel and I said only Michael stood with me," because God is looking through them literally, they are extensions of God, he knew the feelings that I had. It sounded like he was short handed, he said only Michael stood with me but what he said was all it took was Michael to come because of the force and the might as the arch angel of all of the warrior angels.


Then he introduced me to Michael. And Michael seemed to infer though he didn't say it in so many words that this was a very unusual thing that he was speaking to a human being because his entire work is that of combating and pushing back the forces of darkness. The messenger angels or Special Forces such as Gabriel are those who make contact usually when there is a message to be brought. But as Michael spoke with me he said "at God's decree I've shown respect for Lucifer down through all this time" but he said "I have an assignment that at the time appointed I will battle Lucifer not to push him back but to totally defeat him." And he said that they are accusing God's people day and night constantly all the time with things that Christ has already forgiven them for. He said that he will not leave room and this is very interesting and he seemed so satisfied with this statement. We will not leave room for even one of them in all of the heavenlies but we will cast every single one down to the earth and this will happen during the great tribulation.


But the believers, he made it very clear that during that time it would be contrary to the very character of God to allow any of His believers to be here at the time when Lucifer and all of his hosts are assembled on this earth. But he said "we will not leave room for even one of them." Then he said, "If you care to read this because it comes from God's heart and is directed and God knows what He put in the Word," he said you could read it in Revelation 12:7-12. Michael had a look of command and decisiveness. Gabriel had more of a rapport as far as people were concerned. I could still sense the same spirit of Christ in Michael.


Are there evil spirits that are over certain cities? There have been and there possibly are but this would be information we get from the Bible. I don't know whether they're locked into a spot any more than God's angels are locked into a spot. God can assign them there for a day, for an hour, for a month and he prepares them for that particular assignment. So I imagine that the evil angels would also move around. Last night you mentioned an angel visiting you that was ministering in Africa. Did he bring you any messages as to what God was doing in Africa. Yes he did. The message was that hosts of angels have been sent into the world to help prepare the work that God has designed. Now he has given human beings first opportunity to link arms with Him in getting His job done. But he will not depend solely as something as unpredictable and undependable as human beings to complete responsibility of a plan as important as His plan of reaching people.


So He gives us opportunity to link arms with Him, to work with Him but He is not depended on this. If you miss out on God He says, "I'll roll up my own sleeve and I'll go down there and bring some salvation to those people." And God is rolling up his sleeve today and sending out these angelic beings to prepare people and to bring them to the missionaries. He's preparing people through the television ministries. Those people are being prepared. The statement that he made was that this one missionary, but it could have been many other missionaries but he mentioned this man because he had been a couple of weeks before in our area. He said, "A prince with God, Morris Plotts will be happily surprised at the allies from heaven and the work that they're doing when he returns to Kenya Africa." This man is 73 years old. He's going out again for another term. He's one of the greatest missionaries and has accomplished so much for God as he goes.


Sunday morning I had the experience of seeing these ministering angels from every part of the world including the Arctic, from South America, from all of these parts and Jesus said in symbol the sickle has been thrust into their hands and they have been sent forth to help in the preparing of the precious fruit of the earth for the harvest.


Can an angel get anybody saved? I'm sure they do. George Foreman and a whole lot of other people were moved on and cried out, "Oh God save me" and we're living in a time when he said they that call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. They gave me seven different places in the Bible of different ways that people have turned to God. One of them was just looking unto Him and being saved. Those who apparently were dead, that are unconcerned that have turned off people that have closed their ears, they're dead, unresponsive, God even wants them. And He said those that are dead will hear His voice. He wasn't talking about people in the grave. And as many of them will listen to His voice shall live. You see they've turned our voices off, they've closed their ears but God's going to get down there and shout at them. And He's doing this with people and they're feeling the thunder of His voice, and as many as will listen to Him shall live. So you can rest a little bit easier knowing that His program isn't going to fail because somebody you had a lot of faith in happens to fall. In your book you speak of the angel bringing you something to eat and drink for your health. How has your health been since this happened? How did you feel when the miracle was taking place? One morning Gabriel brought me something that looked like a cake. He said "the Father," he always refers to God as your Father, "wants you to take this for strength for the work for which you have been chosen." Well I was feeling alright but I took it and ate it. It was hot and it had a strong taste of honey. And when I took it, it almost melted in my mouth. Then he produced from nowhere, I thought boy this is very strange, producing a silver ladle full of water. And it had huge grapes and leaves engraved on this ladle. He said, "Now the Father wants you to take this." I went ahead and took the water and immediately a sizzling, fizzing feeling started taking place under my skin. And it just buzzed and then as I mentioned last night about this river of praise, this is the first time it happened when I took this. I started praising God, I could not stop. Usually I could stop and start as I please, I couldn't stop. It was a river that just roared out from me. It was a beautiful experience as I worshiped God. It seemed that people who I got close to would feel this or would be healed.


That Sunday morning without prayer being made for even one sick person, 20 reported miracles with such things as discs being removed, deaf ears were opened, arms and legs were healed. Just by being close, but I didn't know that there would be anything particular happening to me in this experience. But I got on the scale Sunday morning and it read 225. Monday morning I got up and got on the scale, and it was 220. Tuesday morning it was 215. On Wednesday morning it was 210. On Thursday morning it was 205. I am as hard as a rock on my stomach where as before I could almost bury my hand in fat. It got down to 195. I didn't diet but it did change my taste buds or desires a little bit. That Sunday I told my wife "what happened to the food? It's saltier than you ever made it." I could hardly eat that food. She said no it's just like it always is. But God had somehow made my taste buds, brought them back to life, evidently they had kind of been numb and I was eating things pretty salty. But she had to almost leave the salt out because I could pick up every little flavor. Instead of some kind of snacks that I had been eating, all I wanted was fruit and a few other things; I had a tremendous craving for it. But in the early part of July this happened again. I had the most man killing schedule that you could possibly believe. And I was worried about it. So he came again and he said "the Father has sensed your concern over your ministry this month" and he brought me the wafer and the water again. And this time it lasted almost a week. It was uncomfortable but it wasn't something that was bad but I'm just not used to having something buzzing in me all the time like that but I've had tremendous strength. The day that he gave that to me a lady that had just been saved a week before who was eaten up with cancer. I went to see her, her eyes were sunk way back in her head and she was so filled with fear I didn't even think to pray for her healing I was just asking God to remove that fear and I left. But that afternoon God restored that gal. She went to a clinic the next day and they couldn't even find one trace of that cancer. There was something about this vibrant source that actually came from heaven that was influencing and effecting people.


Are the angels on schedule, do they have a schedule? Angels are around all of the time but their appearances to me have been very irregular. There's no way in the world that I could summon an angel. There's no way I could say, "hey God would you please send some angels?" Because He may have some other agency He wants to use to bring about the answer to my need because He has many agencies. He might be some person that He's commanding instead of an angel. Are there female angels or are they all male? I don't believe that their either male or female because of what Jesus said, "They're neither male nor female." But the ones that have come to me have actually looked like male. But there are many worship angels that I've seen that look like they're female and there are other ministering angels. God will use those that will fit the situation or the need. So there's probably plenty around otherwise they couldn't appear unawares if a bunch of gals were gathering together who were needing some help. He probably wouldn't send a male looking angel in among them because he wouldn't be unawares you see. He'll fit them to the need.


Have any people in your congregation or of your family or your acquaintances seen angels besides yourself? No. Not that I know of. People in the congregations have seen apparitions, a cloudy pillar but I haven't seen these at the time.


Does an angel take everybody that belongs to God to heaven when they die? And does a soul go directly into the presence of the Lord? The believer's soul will go into the presence of the Lord. In eternity time is neither long nor short. It's instantaneous even if there were a lingering moment. I've talked with many people who have literally felt the presence of their loved one lingering with them for a time and some that the Lord has permitted to return have said that they've lingered there for a time. But as far as God is concerned to be absent is to be present with the Lord. Now there's a little interim, transitional period and if you ever hear of anyone coming back this place is where they had been. There have been unsaved people, we can't hide our heads in the sands and say it just didn't happen; there are too many reports of people that have. They have come from this transitional period not at their choice because no one ever gets a second choice but God can do as He pleases, He's still God. And so from this particular spot before they reach that spot of their final abode God has returned them but He has never opened the gates of hell to let people out you see. But there have been some believers who have gone clear on it at His prerogative. This is something to think of in that book. It's at God's choice. Some have thought that at a choice of the believer or individual they could come back or go on but nobody has a choice over there because once you die your choices are all done but God is still God and He can do as He pleases.


Is Michael Israel's special angel? No, Michael is not Israel's special angel. They would take on the title according to the assignment they had and Michael has been assigned to at times to Israel but Michael regulates and directs the warring angels in all parts of the world. But because Israel was God's elect at that time before we became God's elect and they will be God's elect after we're gone and then Michael had a special affinity with the care of Israel.


What do the angels have to say about praising God here and also in heaven and what part does praise have in healing for a person's body? Praise literally activates a stream of life and this stream of life flows, you see it's His life flowing through us really that brings our healing. It's Jesus' life. And we are able to enter right in through praise. Into the gates of heaven, into His courts, the Word tells us this. We don't have to get this from an angel. It's in the Word but it's proven to be true and so healing comes oftentimes during praise. Are you permitted to ask an angel to talk to God in your behalf to convey a message through an angel to someone who is in heaven? Probably so, but I seem to be tongue tied as far as asking very many questions are concerned. I suppose a person could but God has given everyone of us open access to Himself through Jesus, through Jesus' name. So our prayers literally, He doesn't ask them to go through an angel to God. I received a lot of letters from pastors and it's exciting. I've had some ask me if it would be violating the Lord in seeking an angel. And I did ask this question and I felt that the answer was so beautiful where Gabriel said "tell men not to seek after an angel. An angel cannot hear your prayers. An angel cannot accept your worship. An angel cannot abide within you. But you have one within you greater than all of the angels. And He asks for your prayers, He invites your worship and He'll never leave you. Seek Him." He said, "All of the roots of our life for our nourishment come from Jesus not from an angel."


Can you describe the face of an angel? If you've ever seen this type of an angel you'd never mistake it again. Their eyebrows, the bone structure seemed to be a little bit higher than a human beings. And their eyes were not color red like fire, they're dark but it seems almost like they were rays, they were penetrating and you'd think almost like you were looking into a pool of fire, a dim glow. But it's not something that scares you but you could almost feel that compassion as they're looking at you. But they're not something that would make them look inhuman. Their skin also glows. The worship angels look like a broad variety of people. I've even seen some that look like small children.


Will we know angels by their names in heaven? I believe we will because there all over the place and you'll have a chance to see them and mingle with them. There part of God's creation.


Did the angels ever tell you why more and more Christians don't see them? He said that man's weakness has been to turn away from Christ to something else that would seem a little more tangible and follow him. He said an experience is as a gate through which a person would pass into some other area of life or understanding. And so the actual encounter is merely a way into comprehension or understanding a little more about God. But if an individual stood in the gateway of an experience, and all they did was talk about that experience they would soon tire of looking at the gates even though they were beautiful. Then he said it would be like Israel saying we want to keep going back and forth across the Jordan. And people themselves will become very weary of you just describing something that they don't have an opportunity to parcticipate in. But if you move on in and you take those beautiful truths from the Word and the message from God's heart and you begin sharing truth, people do not weary of the Bible, they do not weary of God. And so any experience that you have, do not live in that experience but ask God what are you saying to me through this and take that truth and that scripture that's been made real and share the scripture rather than the experience.


What do you do after an angelic experience? I go back to bed. But I can't go to sleep. I never can become accustomed to this. It's just like it happened the first time. I watched two of the warring angels disappear.


Are there different angels for each nation on the face of the earth? No. I believe that God has assigned angels but it isn't for an everlasting period of time. They may be there for a day, a week , a month, or a year to accomplish a certain task. They have jobs to do. And then He will change them to fit wherever they happen to be. The Bible is given as our guide and God will not violate that but He will not be tied to precedent in the Bible. He still reserves the right to do anything that is consistent with His love, and His character and the principles of His righteousness.


Are there any people that Satan would try to possess other than leaders? It looks to me like he tries to possess everybody that he can. But he can't do it; God has some barriers built around. There's four barriers built around every unbeliever, there's seven around every believer that have to be torn out of the way first. The angels are protecting and caring for people that don't even know Him yet. Jesus' prayers are still going up for people that don't even know Him yet. Once a prayer is prayed in earnestness and honesty it never stops. There are a lot of people that are demon possessed but he doesn't have an easy time of getting to them. You see there are barriers that have to be pushed out of the way first.


Do angels carry a sword regularly? I've never seen them with a sword. If a person could be strengthened by their concept I suppose God could put one in their hand because there are some people who wouldn't think they had any protection unless they saw what was in their mind and the Lord often times will humor us and will help us to fit the concepts that we have.


Have these angels indicated that there are people like humans in any other part of the universe? They've never indicated this. They did say to me one time that God's highest concern of the universe was man. And that He literally made the earth to put man on. He created it to be inhabited. And then He cared for man enough that He looks past their rebellion. The first time that God allowed Krioni to speak with me. Krioni said that "you'll never, never fully understand the love of God. It is so great." And then He went on to say, "The Spirit directs us to help people who have literally defied God. They've shaken their fists in His face, they've sworn at Him. They have broken His laws and they hate God but God says go help that person they need help." He said, "You'll never know how great the love of God is."


If God for some reason in His providence or choice would decide that there was something that was still unfinished that He wanted to do, from that corridor He would send you back. And for believers He has sent them back from farther on in.


Did you know Glen Horast? Did you hear his amazing story? God let him go clear on in and then sent him back. While I was in the throne room the Lord allowed me to see so many things that were absolutely fantastic. He let me see people whose funerals I'd had. There was such a lightness and the personalities of the peoples were even sharper than before. Their sense of humor was alive because it was something that God made. I saw a number of people there whose funerals that I had had that I didn't even know they'd gone there. But here they were. I didn't expect these people to be here and the Lord said that "these people called on the name of Jesus before they died." And He said "they that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." And there was no way for them to get into any trouble after they had called, they went right up.


The thing that troubled me, I thought that everybody who went to heaven until the time of the resurrection was a kind of a spirit floating around. I'd just assumed this. I've taught it in mentioning it at least. But I saw these people with bodies. And I said, "Father what about these bodies here, I didn't know that people had bodies till the resurrection" and He said when Paul had visited Him he brought back a message on these bodies and he made reference to it where Paul said I desire to depart not that I really desire to be unclothed, disembodied spirit, but I desire to be clothed on with my house that is from heaven. Now these bodies are not made for matter, they are of a different dimension. They're made for a different dimension. They don't know that they couldn't handle matter because they're in that dimension and they're complete in this way. And so when Paul was praying about it he said I have a desire not to be unclothed and go up there floating around for a century or two as a disembodied spirit but I desire to be clothed on with my house which is from heaven. And so those people have celestial bodies and they're going to have those until they turn them in for the resurrected glorified body which can handle matter and substance and the things of this earth. People have asked this question about babies that die; when they go to heaven will they have to meet a stranger that's all grown up and so on. The impression that I received while I was there was that these children would be held in the state that they were in the memories of their loved ones until the time of resurrection and then they would have the privilege of watching these children grow to a state of maturity so they wouldn't feel like they were suddenly thrust into an area of a bunch of strangers that they didn't know because the family bond is still going to be there.


There are two family bonds that are going to be there. The big family of God, we're all members one of another. But there is also a bond; those things that are precious to us here are still going to be precious to us there.


So children will become adults? In time, but not in the waiting period.


What are the seven barriers around a believer, the barriers that Satan would have to go through? There's a barrier that's built in within us. It's an inner hatred of evil or things of satan. It's an armor that repels us from evil. And unbelievers have this one too. Then there's the angelic force that God has sent forth. And this is their work. Every person in the world, there is help that God has given because God loves people even when they don't know Him. "While we were still His enemies God loved us." So this protection is because of the love of God. Then there are the prayers that we refer to of Jesus that are never dying. He said "I've prayed for you Peter" and then He told the Father, "I'm not only praying for Peter, I'm praying for everybody." So His prayers are there. And then there's the power of the blood about the believer. That power that is so strong that when satan sees the blood he doesn't only see blood he sees all the power of the Godhead wrapped up there and that mark is on us. So there's a beautiful protection there. And then there is the Holy Spirit within us. "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." And the Spirit of God in sending out that force field about us.


The only way that satan can get in is for us through our fears to open the door and say hey come on in here. But there's that force field, that greater is He, that's why God wants us to put on those hob nail shoes and trample him into the ground and come against him. Then there's the hedge that He has built about in Psalm 19 and verse 1 when he speaks about "preserving me Oh God." The Hebrew word there is hedge; literally "build a hedge about me Oh God." You know this hedge that God placed about Job, He opened up a little crack and he told satan he could stick his dirty finger upon him but he couldn't get in. There's a hedge around about. And the other is the believer, other believers in the strength. If two of you shall agree I am in the midst of you. Jesus Himself being in the midst of His church, the strength. Other believers can provide a strength and where one person can chase a hundred, two will put 10000 to flight, you see there's power in the fellowship of God's children.


Is ancient mythology related to angelic phenomena in any way? I don't know. I suppose it would be. You see satan has used a lot of things that God made. In fact everything that satan uses even in heathen worship is something that God made. Do you know that satan does not have the power to create one solitary thing. He cannot create anything. I don't know what you think about the pyramids. They have been used in mythology; they've been used in cultism. I heard somebody say "hey satan built those pyramids." He can't build anything.


When I was in the throne room, God gave me the basic design of everything. He said, "Come with me to the throne room where the secrets of the universe are kept." I learned the cellulose arrangement for fiber of all different types. I learned the gases, the changing from one substance to another by just the changing of the molecular construction. But in all of the things God allowed me to see, everyone of the things, His basic design is the pyramidal design. Everything. There's the triad of energy that begins with. It's the very basic beginning. In His construction from that little basic unit and follows its way on up. And God's trademark of your life body, soul, and spirit. He's put His trademark on everything there is. Like the little atom. That little atom is made of three basic parts. There's the electron, the neutron and the proton. And it becomes a little universe. God allowed me to see an atom and made it big and He took a snow flake and said "now look, if I draw some lines between the points, like a little universe an atom is." He said, "If I were to draw lines, points to the various neutrons that are circling in this atom I would have the same basic design as a snow flake. No two atoms are just exactly alike but no two snow flakes. But they all have the design of the crystal, the triangular look. There basic three pointed crystal that makes up. So that the stars are all, if you will examine them under a microscope they're made up of the three sided crystal. And the little plants as they come up out of the ground, they come up with their three leaves. And even the construction of the church. I saw the metals as they were made in stacks of molecules but they were made in stacks of pyramidal molecules and to change from one type of metal to another it was just a rearranging, just a little bit.


When I brought this to a chemist when I came back I said "boy this is the strangest thing I ever saw what do you think of it" and I showed him. He said it would take me black boards full of equations to arrive at that, what are you talking about here? So he was literally amazed. I'm getting telephone calls from the scientists from the universities asking me questions. I can't give them any questions, there looking at it from the ground level and I couldn't dig out all of those things that they're saying there. But they want to figure out how to make new forms of energy, ways of capturing electricity and all of these things.


I said all that because we started talking about the great pyramid. When God in His great creation He said that He placed His trademark on the earth with the great pyramid. He didn't say that He made it with His own hands, whether he used angels, whether he used man. But when you do something for God it is God that's doing it. When an angel does something it is God that's doing it. So what force? God didn't tell me. But he did say right there is my trademark. He said that in various parts of the earth He has literally burned into the surface of the earth the message of redemption so that angelic beings as they view the earth are able to see and be constantly reminded that earth is marked for redemption.