Priority #1: The Sacrifice of Jesus

Chapter 1 - Discerning His Body

I have announced this message as a very important message and probably it is one of the most important that the Lord has ever given to me. There are often mixed reactions in people's minds when we speak of the supernatural. I realize that there have been different reactions when I make reference to a visitation of angels or some supernatural truth that God has brought. In most cases skepticism that people may have quickly leaves them when they listen to the message themselves. Because it is something unexpected, though people in their hearts and their desires that God cares enough about us and that He will visit us and that He will speak to us, there is still a little jolt or reaction when it happens, but most of it is just a reverse expression down in the hearts.


People are hoping that God is revisiting His people in a special way. I've received numbers of letters and telephone calls from people who said that they viewed this with great skepticism until they listened to the message. And as they turned it on and listened, God quickened their hearts. And they said it's of God. One man spoke to me on the telephone long distance, he said it has the ring of truth, I told him it has to be truth because they're not my words. They're words God has brought. God is doing something so special, and I feel that God has honored me and God has smiled on this congregation by His care and by the visits that He has brought right here. It's very, very special. I think of the messages, I'm not going to go into all of these messages. But make references to some of them.


That first message that was brought to me by Gabriel, and I think of the reluctance that I had to give it because I didn't know where it was going to go. I didn‘t know what it was going to do. I have spent 29 years in this community endeavoring to share Christ with the people and the community recognizes my ministry and it's accepted and I didn't want to in one evening destroy, by giving something that would cause defenses to rise and people to be turned off or turned away, and I was reluctant as you recall, those of you who have heard this before. I waited 3 weeks. God told me to give it. I waited 3 weeks and in the middle of the night, those same strong hands that gripped my shoulders that first time, raised me up in bed and said, "you haven't given that message." I felt that I was in trouble. And I still felt reluctant. But I did ask Gabriel, "you're here, why don't you give it?" There's some reason why, but he said no, he could not except that God would permit him too. But that I would have to give it. And I gave that message that night and for those of you who have heard that message good news for you and your family, those of you that haven't, it would pay you to get that tape and to listen to it till all the truths in that really grip your heart. It came from God's heart. The building was as full as it is right now when I gave that message. This was back in the middle of July, and since that time, literally hundreds of thousands of tapes have gone out across the country. They have been duplicated here as fast as we could get them out. But the people who have received them have duplicated them. People that they have sent them to have duplicated them. I have a letter in my office now; another lady has bought an expensive duplicating machine in Washington. And she is sending them out across the country. I have a letter from a lady in Bremerton who has literally sent out hundreds in that community. There's a place in Florida that's duplicating them by the 1000's and sending them out. And the word is, these truths are moving out.


These messages are made very, very real by God. I think of that truth that He made so real, the believers judgment, that day when God has chosen to say thanks. 1 Corinthians. 4:5, where He tells us at that then shall every man have praise of God. That day is coming because you have entered in and done the types of things that God wants to do for them, and lifting their burdens, and helping them, and sharing, and strengthening their hands, and encouraging them and brightening lives and homes. Those are things that rare very important to God because God loves people so much. This is at the heart of the desire that God has for very believer that we represent Him in all that He is to the world, His life, His body, His bread, His Word, His light.


I think of the message where I wept so hard that the bed shook as God spoke to me about the sacrifice of Jesus, and the Lamb of God that was slain. I think of the message He brought me on the New Covenant. That because our High Priest went into the heaven and He blotted out as a think cloud every record of anything that could be against us and said here written in my blood is a new Covenant for you. And that new Covenant says your sins and your iniquities will I remember against you no more forever. You could read that in Hebrews 10:16-17.


Regardless of the message that God has spoken to me about through this heavenly messenger, they all come back; every message comes back to one central truth that has proven to be the very heart of God, the heart of the Bible, the heart of all history. It's at the very core at the very center of God's message to us, and that is the sacrifice of Jesus. These angelic visitors had visited me 12 times and they have not come once without mentioning the sacrifice of Jesus. There truths must be very, very important to God, that God wants them heralded and flashed across the land today, they must be very important to people in the preparation for these days and to lift them from fear and the struggles, and the burdens that they may be going through trying to some way, lift themselves into a position where they can please God. And God is showing what HE has accomplished, what His plans are as you read in Eph. 1:4 where He tells us, "long ago He called us and chose us in Him before the foundation of the world and His plans were then that we should be holy and without blame without a single fault in His eyes and His plan was as He put it together and set it in motion was a plan that would make us acceptable to Him, totally acceptable.


I can't help but think of the message that He gave to me of the great covering of the believers, the blood of Jesus; He looks at us and sees us looking just exactly like Jesus. And then the giving of His Spirit in the Word, that our lives could be molded and made like Jesus so that the fruit of His Spirit, His love, His joy, His peace, His gentleness, His long suffering, the very characteristics of Jesus might be seen in us, and then He said, "then the world gets to see you just like I see you, Hallelujah." This is God's big plan for our lives, these truths are so real, these messages that He has brought. He has not at any time changed the World of God. But what He has done has been to reveal and turn a light in the Word, and cause the Word to pulsate with His life, literally come alive.


The importance of the sacrifice of Jesus is seen by the reminders that He has given in every message of the sacrifice. And this morning is a communion time, it's definitely a time to remember, and I'm going to enlarge on these messages bringing parts of 3 or 4 together because they are the message coming from different points centering on the sacrifice of Christ. Two weeks ago on Thursday morning, it was about five minutes after 1:00 am; the Spirit of God woke me up. Don't ask me how I knew it was the Spirit, after all these years I know the Spirit and His dealing. And I know how He magnifies God in the Word. The Spirit woke me up and asked me to go downstairs. You say how did He do that? Was it an impression that He gave you? Many, many times the Spirit has ministered to me and spoken to me when I didn't hear a voice, it was just something I was hearing inside. But Thursday morning, and I say this again probably causing a little skepticism in some hearts but I must tell you this that He spoke audibly to me on Thursday, He asked me, He visited with me, talking to me about many of these things I can't even tell you at this moment. Things that are so real and so true. But one of the things that He said was for me to write down these messages. And I wrote down just the exact words that He was giving to me right there. I'm not going to read you the entire message that I wrote but I will give you some that will relate to our communion time.


The Holy Spirit said, "Write, and preserve the words that I have spoken to you. They shall become a light to many. I will not only minister through you but will accompany these words and give them life wherever sent. Even as I have already given wings to my messages brought to you by the angel of the Lord. God has given them wings and they're out across the country, "fear not to speak in His name for the words I give are not your words. So I stand here today without fear. He said not to be afraid to say it. "Fear not to speak in His name for the words I give are not your words but His Words and are established forever. Are they not found in His eternal Living Word? And I might digress right here.


There has not been one message that has been brought but what it has been, strongly supported and brought to and given complete with the Word of God. Every message has had references, complete references to the truths that He has been making real. Are they not found in His eternal Word? And I had to say yes they are every one of them. Long-closed doors of many peoples and nations will be penetrated by these words of life. He told me that these words would be sent into Communist China. Through the little crack that has been opened there. I don't know who's going to take them, but I do know this, no question, He says it's going to happen; these messages are going to go into communist China. Long-closed doors of many peoples and nations will be penetrated by these words of life. I command the hosts of the Lord who have been sent forth for this hour, to hasten the gathering together unto Him a people for His Name and to prepare them for that great day of the Lord. They will both precede and follow these words from the Father to make ready the people and to scatter the forces of darkness. And to gently care for the multitudes who will hear. Praise God.


These messages I have referred to them this morning. But the one that I want to emphasize this morning is Jesus as a sacrifice. If you would like to turn in your Bibles to Corinthians 11. Since this is so important to God, then it must be important to us and there's something that God wants to do for and within us, in this communion service. The Apostle Paul had been given the very same message, just complete regarding this communion. 1 Corinthians. 11:23-24. if you have a pencil or pen underline the little phrase this is My Body. There' an importance to this. 1 Corinthians. 11:25-29. I want you to underline the words not discerning the Lord's body. This is so important. This message is so important because it comes from God's heart. He wants to tell us something that will help us in understanding communion.


I have felt down through the years I have received so much through communion and I have. And I have emphasized the life of Jesus, which is very real so we can have communion, His life. But God through the message that He has brought said that there is still a greater truth, a story that has still not been told in connection with communion that will add still greater meaning to people and their hearts and their lives. And Jesus is speaking about in prophecy and in the New Testament in Hebrews 10:5. He's telling about the work that God have Him to do, that work of becoming a sacrifice for sin and He said, "a body has Thou prepared for Me?" And in Hebrews 10:20-He said that we can enter now into that place of close fellowship through His flesh. Now Paul in talking about that body that was prepared, he said, "we eat of the body; we come to remember that body today. And we're in trouble, and we're selling ourselves short, and have all kinds of problems, if we do not recognize and see that body. If this body is so important to see what is it that is so important about it? We must go back to the sacrifices of Israel in the tabernacle to see the value of these sacrifices to see what they were.


The sacrifice, the entire tabernacle was a picture, miniature, of God's great big plan or salvation for all time. God gave Moses this plan. And He said, "I want to show you Moses, just how My big plan works, and everything about this plan is a little picture of Jesus, and His sacrifice." Now He said one of the most important parts, the first thing inside this tabernacle is a brazen altar. And this brazen altar there will be a sacrifice burned. It will be burned to ashes. And those ashes will even be sprinkled on the individual who is going to be accepted of God. I didn't realize until last night, early this morning, I told my wife about this. I hated to wake my wife up at five in the morning but she said she was already awake so it wasn't so bad. But Gabriel knowing, and God placing this message on my heart, came and talked to me about this sacrifice. He gave me some truths to share with you that I have never thought through there, so beautifully. That tabernacle had to be so exact because it was picturing what Jesus was doing for us. And that sacrifice had to feel the searing heat of judgment by fire. On that sacrifice all the sins of Israel were placed. And then that sacrifice being made sin felt that searing heat. So that when Israel came to be accepted and the ashes were sprinkled along with the blood, so God was saying to Israel, "You have given Me your sins, I am giving back to you now and letting you see the empty shells, the mere cinders, the ashes of something that has lost it's power, it's life, it's reduced to nothing, because the fire of judgment has been diverted from you to a substitute and your sins were there on the body of that substitute. And they were destroyed as the judgment of God struck.


He reminded me and gave me the reference which something I'm sure your all familiar with, in Hebrews chapter. 9:13-14, where He said, and I have never seen it before in my life, but there it is so clear and so beautiful with the light turned on. He said, "If this kind of a sacrifice, the sprinkling of blood and the ashes of a heifer, in the purifying of a life so that people could say it's done, it's done, my sins that were placed there are nothing but ashes. Sin shall not have dominion over me; it's lost its sting, its power. And they can go their way, the Spirit is saying through Paul, if the ashes of a heifer that spelled out and as they discerned the body where their sins were accounted and if that gave them freedom for that whole year, Paul said how much more, how much more, how much more, shall the blood of Christ and His sacrifice, how much more shall it purge completely remove from your mind, and your conscience and your emotions, how much more shall what Jesus did, His body being struck by the righteous judgment of God. He literally tasted hell for us. It was the outpouring of God's judgment upon Jesus. And He said we can discern and see His body there. How much more will it purge your conscience so that when the enemy would come your way, you can point to the body and say, "satan take that." Those sins that you're trying to haunt me with are nothing but burned out cinders. And the power of sin has been canceled. Hallelujah.


Can you see it folks. If you're hearing what I am saying I want you to say Hallelujah. Hallelujah. This is the reason why God has set aside a time that we can come and look and be reminded again and again that it's done, the price is paid, it's done. His wrath has been diverted to Jesus and my sins were judged when He was judged. Glory to God. These important reminders of the sacrifice I want to mention them to you. The pictures that were brought to me from Heaven. Zech. 3:1-5. It speaks of the high priest, whose name was Joshua, Joshua is the Hebrew word or pronunciation of the Greek word Jesus. I just hadn't seen it when I'd read it before but He made no mention of the difference of the name, he just talked about Jesus going before the Father with those filthy garments, bearing every sin on His body, every sin of this whole world.


I'm going to read just a little bit more of what the Spirit of the Lord told me to write, with regard to sacrifice. "Because of the accusations of satan and the daily reminders of sin, failure, and human weakness, you may forget what God has done. You must be reminded; you must remember. God in His wisdom has provided a time and a way for this to be accomplished. This is the purpose of His communion service. A time to remember what Jesus has done. Here He asks us to look upon His body to see your sin and the sins of the world placed upon Him by God, every lie; every sin against yourself, or others; murder, all adultery, all immorality, all dishonesty, all cheating, all rebellion and idolatry; all enmity through witchcraft and Satanism. Yes, everything with which you can be charged is laid on Him. He has become sin for you, bearing in His body the concentrated dregs of the rottenness of billions of people.


He points to His body as you hold in that symbolic, in that broken body, He points to His body, to your sin, and tells you that your sin has already been judged, you are free. As you behold Him smitten of God with the searing stroke of His judgment, you see there the canceled sin of the world. Jesus felt the fire of God's wrath so it wouldn't fall on us. With this reminder of your peace with Him, you can speed the message to the world. You can come, you have been accepted. God's wrath has been turned away. Then He asks us to look at Jesus the High Priest, carrying His blood entering the very tabernacle of God in the heavens where the records of sin is kept, not only the act of sin in our lives, but the records of sin; the disobedience, the breaking of His laws and His covenant. And we see the High Priest. He said, "see Him as He splashes His blood on the book of broken laws, upon the altar of the broken commandments, thus as a thick cloud blotting out forever the records of anything in heaven that's written in heaven that you could be charged with. Not only the act of sin as the evil of sin in this earth and in your life, but the records of it. And He said, "As we see Him doing that, we see Him bringing to us a new covenant. We read about it in these verses, let me read to you in 1 Corinthians. 11. it's the New Testament, the blood of the New Testament. And He points to this New Testament in Hebrews 10:16-17. And that testament, that new agreement, that He is holding out to you. I'm going to read it for you right now and these words, those verses that I'm giving to you I did not put together. I did not look up; they came by the voice of the Spirit, for us today. Listen to it.


"This is the covenant that I will make with them after these days says the Lord. I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds will I write them. And their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more." Hallelujah. He's turned sin into cinders. He's blotted out the records and given us a brand new covenant. You know why He did that, it's because He wants us. We're worth so much to God. He's not looking for reasons to destroy us but to save us. God has so much invested in us.


He tells us now as we see Him, the spotless Lamb of God prepared from the foundation of the world. We see Him now as the sin bearer, coming before God with filthy garments. See Him there stricken of God. See Him now as the High Priest sprinkling the blood in heaven, sprinkling the blood of the covenant that is now fulfilled over all of man's possible failures, covered by blood that speaks to God, and says, "It's done." Hallelujah. See Him totally remove the need for pardon by removing the remembrance of sin. In Israel there was a remembrance of sin made year after year after year, and man was pardoned but sin was remembered. But in the New Testament, and my heart was so stirred when Gabriel spoke in such commanding tones to me and said that when Jesus came the need for pardon was removed because pardon before God is remembrance, reminds Him of the sin of what He had to forgive us for. But when Jesus came, He removed the records completely. He removed the stain and the guilt, and His blood speaks and says justified, restored to a place of total innocence, because of Christ. The place that was occupied before sin ever entered the world.


The word justification means, "just exactly as though it had never happened." Oh, talk about the blessedness of knowing God sees us as though it had never happened. Hallelujah. Then he made this statement, and this really spoke to me, he said for this reason the message of pardon is not recorded in the New Testament. I didn't know that. I thought I had preached on it a lot from the New Testament but He said it is not there. The message is not there, and when he left that day 2 weeks ago, I took my concordance; I looked for any English word connected to it. I looked for any of the original words, and I shouldn't say I was surprised because I know God knows what He is doing, but I was a little bit happily surprised. He was right. Do you know the word pardon is not found in the New Testament? In either of the Greek or English translations it is not there. It has turned to justification, complete restoration. Hallelujah. Because of the blood God sees you as though it had never happened. So when you take that broken bread in your hand I want you to visualize there those things that have been haunting you, those things that the enemy has been holding up before you and saying that these things are going to meet you in the judgment. I want you to be able to say, there they are. I want you to see the hideousness, this broken body is not a beautiful thing, it's a horrible thing. With every sin, with the uncleanness that you can think of and the evilest life that you could possibly imagine. Multiply it a billion times, see the rottenness and the stench but then thank God He bore the judgment, and your sins that were there are nothing but empty ashes. So he said let the Lord sprinkle your life with this truth and it will pull form your conscience, from your minds, those things that would trouble you, and you can be free.


You don't have to worry about those dead works trying to do it. To lift you up, it will purge your conscience from all of the feeling of these dead works that you're trying to somehow lift yourself up so you can please God and the enemy wants you to keep your mind on it, but God says turn and look, turn and look what I have done. Praise God.


Let's tell Him thanks anyway you want for what He's done. Jesus we thank you for bearing our guilt and our shame, praise God. I would like to say that this is not for believers, it's for people who need release and deliverance from the bondage of anything the enemy would bring. When you take that blood, that emblem of that blood, you're telling the Lord, my faith is in this blood, what He's done. I thank you for blotting out as a thick cloud, all of my transgression and you could look up into His face right now with nothing between your soul and your Savior. You can look up in His face with the same innocence of this little girl, that I dedicated and held up to the Lord this morning; your heart is clean and as spotless as that new born child. Hallelujah! I feel that if this is so important to God that God would by a divine messenger bring it to me then it has to be important to us.


The Spirit said I will give this message wings. As we take the energies that we have spent struggling with these things, and start turning those energies to letting our lives be that channel for His life to flow through. We'll be strong. We won't have to start fighting things that are already dead in God.