Priority 1: The Sacrifice of Jesus

Chapter 8 - Power of the Blood of Jesus #5

This is New Life Clinic. And our study is on the power of the Blood. This is lesson number five, and the topic is sanctification. We have seen the power of the blood of Jesus at work in justification, in cleansing and reconciliation. In this lesson we see the flow continue in bringing life to the one who has been reconciled and cleansed. Contrary to accepted teachings that sanctification has to do with the absence of sin and the destroying of the old nature and so forth. We have discovered that it is the bringing to the believer the very life of Jesus. It is this life that brings beauty and purpose to all of the other provisions He has for His people. As we explore these Bible truths keep your heart and mind open, for this could be the greatest revelation of your life. We will consider what it is, agents in activating and the results.


The lessons that I'm giving you on the power of the blood came direct from the heart of God. Read Hebrews 9:11-15. God let me see the blood as a mighty river flowing. And as it flowed from God's heart across the arena of human experience there was a great big barrier in the way, a barrier of sin. But the mighty river broke loose from heaven when Jesus died. And the dam broke and that mighty river of the blood of Jesus and the life of Jesus flowed and it swept away the barrier. So that was reconciliation by the blood. So that was the first important thing that swept away the barrier between God and man.


Then as that river flowed, the records that are recorded and God records everything that happens in the human life and those records that were against us, the Word tells us, that mighty river took hold of those records and washed them away into God's sea of forgetfulness, never to be remembered against us anymore forever, every record gone. That's justification by blood. And then as that river flowed on the records of pollution written in the human life, that mighty river flows on and destroys the pollution of sin, that's the cleansing by the blood. The cleansing is not the sanctification. Sanctification comes after the cleansing. When the Word says the blood being our sanctification He's saying it's adapting the power of the blood or all of the power of heaven to human life and use.


You know there are great transformers around carrying electricity. But before they can come in here and light the room they have to be converted into a way that they could be used here. It's the same way in the power of the blood. God asked me, "What is the power of the blood." God let me see that the power of the blood was in the life of that one it flowed through. The value of that blood is determined by the value of that life. And the word tells us that in Him was all of the fullness of God. So when you think of the power of the blood what you're actually saying is the power of heaven, the power of the universe is flowing, it's the power of the universe that swept away the barrier, it destroyed the records, and it wiped out the pollution, and that mighty surging power now, of all of the fullness of God Himself is bringing the very life of Jesus.


Sanctification is saying, "God let the flow of your life go through them. We're talking about the river of the life of God. What is sanctification? It's the sharing of Jesus' life in our mortal bodies. The life of Jesus is so much more important to us. He didn't want to point to us the dark day but the bright day of His life. It is possible for the believer to be so involved with the dark side of the cross which was Jesus' side that we fail to see the bright side of the cross which is our side. So He wants us to have not only His death but as we accept that we move around to the other side where the life is.


"This is the will of God even your sanctification." God wants us to have the life of Jesus flowing through us. Life is in the blood. In the blood of Jesus dwelt all of the fullness of God. And we are being filled with all of the fullness of God. So Jesus gives us His blood to flow through us, He gives us His life to flow through us. God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. When the life of Jesus flows through the life of a believer there are times when they are in heavenly places. So He has raised us up with Him to sit in heavenly places.


When that river flows and the life of Jesus touches the human body, the glory of God touches that life. God's glory is the pulsating atmosphere that comes from the throne of God, the glory of God. As that river flows carrying with it that sanctifying power bringing with it and making available the life of Jesus, the glory comes. The glory actually activates all of the wonderful life of Jesus. The glory of God actually sanctifies the life of a believer.


So sanctification is actually adapting to the life force of Jesus. The truth will open up the floodgates and cause Jesus' life to flow. Faith and the Holy Spirit causes Jesus' life to flow. Faith activates the blood of Jesus. The Spirit keeps the river flowing. Jesus sanctifies us. The life of Jesus begins to flow through the name of Jesus. As I have people begin to say that name, His life begins to flow. All of these things are brought about by His blood. His life in us brings the cloud of glory!


1 Peter 1:2. You can't really have peace until you quit struggling. You can't really relax until you realize that God is taking care of those things that could bother you. Grace and peace are ours because of the wonderful flow of God.