A Word From the Wife of Roland Buck (pages 9-10)

Charmian BuckWhat an exciting day to be alive! Although we have the darkness of wickedness on every hand, we have the assurance of God caring through a great supernatural renewal in our day.


A spiritual awakening is always characterized by miracles of healing, many conversions and a new touch in lives.


Part of the special work God is doing is a broader revelation of himself through the messages brought by angelic visitation.


To think that our family and church could be a part of this expression of his love is more than I can comprehend.


Two questions people ask me when they know that my precious husband has had many angelic encounters are: "Have you seen an angel," and "Why did God choose your husband?"


I have not yet had an angelic encounter, but at times when I have gone to bed at night I have experienced such an overwhelming inflow of God's presence that I have had to go downstairs to praise and worship him. I am very much at peace because I know God does everything right. My husband is the leader and the one who is ministering to the people, so God has laid his hand especially on him. Who am I to question God? Our love is so close and we share the ministry so much together that although I have not seen an angel, I have been abundantly blessed as my husband pours out to me the truths that God has shown to him.


In answer to the second question, "Why did God choose him?" you must understand my evaluations are purely human because we cannot limit God.


In the first place, my husband is not easily swayed. We have pastored in Boise, Idaho, for 29 years. Through the years I have seen such a confidence and trust in God that he has been like a rock of Gibraltar.


He has maintained a steady, even ministry in spite of so-called "fads" in religious circles - not "swayed with every wind of doctrine," but weighing carefully those things which could be of a questionable nature.


He has always been a great student of the Word and in his ministry has built a bridge for the unbeliever instead of a barrier to the kingdom of God.


The angelic encounters have not been his first knowledge of God dealing with him in a special way. Many times he has come to bed in the morning after God has spoken to him through the night hours regarding truths in the Word, giving him many scriptures to bear out the particular message he wanted to give him.


His consistency and stability have created within me and our four children a trust in God that is unwavering. He has suffered three heart attacks and one heart arrest, but through it all the peace of God was felt within our whole family. God has given us a wonderful heritage.


Although my husband has meditated a great deal on the Word, he is not a mystic, but very human and a person I have grown to love and trust.


God can do as he pleases. Didn't he visit many people in the Old and New Testaments? He is still able to do the same in these days - God is the God of the supernatural - who can deny it?


-- Charmian Buck

Webmaster's Note: As of Sept 29, 2016, "Charm" will be 99 years old.

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