In the Beginning (Ch 16, pages 199 - 204)

When we wrote the "Angel" book, God gave us supernatural strength and energy. We worked 16 to 20 hours many days because we felt the urgency of getting the message out to the world! The presence of angels filled our house as God continued to pour out his love and strength to us, but little did we realize even in those power hours of God's love what would happen when ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT got into print.

Webmaster's Note: I too have worked long days and nights typing out this book over a 1 1/2 week period, to be placed on the Internet for the same reason. Twenty-three years after this book's first release (37 years in 2016), I still feel 'the urgency' of getting this message out to the world. It is worth noting that the last time the angel Gabriel appeared was to announce the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. It is significant that he should show up again, almost 2000 years later. God does not mince words; in His mercy He has illuminated His Word using special messengers. We are called to BELIEVE His word, even if no messengers had appeared again 2000 years later to reinforce the Truth of Holy Scripture. This book, this act of God, shows His kindness, by sending Gabriel to remind us one last time. We are indeed in the last days before His second coming after the Church has been called home in the Rapture?

God said he would give wings to the messages and give them life wherever they were sent, but we never dreamed of the magnitude of God's plan for saving families even though our hearts thrilled as wrote the chapter Good News for you and your Family!


As the book goes into its third printing before the end of two months, we wondered why God had left the seven empty pages at the end of the book. Now we know! He wanted us to share with you some of the things which happened "in the beginning" of the book's release.


... An eighty-four year old lady bought six copies of ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT and gave one to each of her unsaved children. After reading the book, each one of them individually accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord! Hallelujah!


... A preacher's daughter called Pastor Buck and shared this exciting story. She had rebelled at the age of sixteen and had wandered far away from God. Someone sent her a copy of ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT, and as she read it, and all she could hear was "God loves you, God loves you, God loves you! It really touched her heart, and she gave her life back to the Lord, and then promptly led her cleaning lady to Jesus!


... A man called from Spokane, Washington, who works in the Post Office. He saw the full page ad for the book on the back of a magazine when he was putting up the mail, and it interested him so much he went out and bought a copy. His twelve-year old son was going to surgery for cancer, and he read the entire book before going to surgery. His dad said, "I haven't been able to read the book yet, because he wouldn't lay it down, but he's going to surgery a changed boy!"


... A lady in Mississippi called to report that her husband and three grown sons were away from the Lord when they began to read the book ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT. When they read the chapter "Good News for you and your Family" they all turned their lives back over to the Lord, and one of them feels the Lord has called him into evangelism!


... We were in Lorain, Ohio, and asked the congregation the first night to place the names of their unsaved loved ones in the palm of their hand. We prayed and asked God to dispatch angels to bring them to the person who would lead them to the Lord, and then we thanked him for some results before we even left town. Three nights later, a 79 year old man came forward and very simply said, "I want to be saved!" He was the atheist father of one of the men in the church who had held his name up the first night! Glory!


... At an AGLOW meeting in Texas, we asked the girls there who had unsaved husbands to lift up their hands and put the names of their husbands in their hand! The very next morning, one husband woke up and said, "Honey, I don't know what's the matter with me, but call the 700 Club because I'VE GOT TO GET SAVED RIGHT NOW!" He accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord! He didn't know what was the matter, but we did - angels had surrounded him all night long!


... At a meeting in New York, we asked all those who had unsaved loved ones to put them in the palm of their hands for God to send angels out to push them or pull them or do whatever necessary to bring them to the one who would lead them to the Lord! I prayed specifically with one woman who said her husband would NEVER come to a church service. I cautioned her to never underestimate the power of God, and her husband appeared at the evening service much to her surprise. He did not say the sinner's prayer, but the Spirit told me to run down to the back of the church while Charles was praying for the sick, and I arrived at the back of the church at the same time this man did. I told him the angels had brought him, and asked him if he wouldn't like to commit his life to the Lord right then and there, and HE DID! Tears streamed down his face as the reality of what happened to him dawned on him as he started a new life in Christ!


... In Michigan, the Holy Spirit told me to go to the back of the church, which I did, but there was no one there. I opened a side door, and standing there was a man who was as drunk as anyone could be. I simply said, "The angels brought you here tonight to be saved. Would you like to accept Jesus?" The angels had done their work, because he began to weep as he prayed the sinner's prayer! Hallelujah!


... A young man bought a copy of Angels on Assignment one evening and could not put the book down until he finished it. The next day he said, "I have always heard that God loved me, but for the first time in my life I know it inside."


... One of the things that really touched our hearts happened as we were flying to Boise, Idaho, to dedicate the book. As we looked out the window of the plane somewhere between Salt Lake City and Boise, Frances saw our special warrior angel that God sent to protect us "loping" along outside of the plane. She turned to Charles and said, "Honey, isn't that funny that he's outside the plane instead of being inside?" We were laughing because Charles said, "Maybe he needs some exercise today!"


Little did we realize what was in store for us! As the plane started to land at Boise, we were nearly to the ground when the pilot "gunned" the plane back up into the air. Then he announced that the plane in front of us had touched down a little late and we had to circle Boise and come back in for another landing. We did this, and when we landed, something happened and the plane bounced probably thirty feet in the air! What a shock this was to us until I caught a glimpse of what was going on outside! Our big angel had simply taken the wing of the plane in his hand, and the jarring and bouncing stopped! "For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you (safe) in all your ways (Psalm 91:11)."


... One of the most exciting things that happened to us personally was in Wyckoff, New Jersey. We were having an afternoon meeting and were sharing about the increased activity among the angels in these days, when suddenly six or seven people began to point at the pulpit area and exclaimed, "Look at those shafts of light. Look at those shafts of light right behind you! They're right behind you!" In a split second of time, there were people all over the church jumping up and down shouting, "Shafts of light, shafts of light - look at them!" We explained that many times there was such a radiance surrounding angels because they had been in the presence of God that this was probably what they saw, but for some reason or other, neither of us looked around!


Later, when we were in Boise for the dedication of the book, Pastor Buck said, "Say, did I tell you that Gabriel said they dropped in on your New Jersey meetings? They did not appear as they usually do, but appeared AS SHAFTS OF LIGHT!


Glory to God!


End of AoA Book


- The sequel to Angels on Assignment, The Man Who Talked With Angels was written in 1982 by Roland Buck's daughter, Sharon White, three years after Pastor Buck passed away (graduated) on November 6, 1979. Read the sequel book HERE




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