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Webmaster's Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any publishing house, the Central Assembly church in Idaho, or with Hunter Ministries (except belief in the Lord Jesus Christ). Additionally, I am NOT Pastor Roland Buck (he graduated in 1979) or Sharon White, his daughter, who authored the sequel book. I am simply a friend of Christ, by His Grace, who felt the call of God several years ago to place this amazing true story on the Internet. Testimonies and comments are welcomed but AoA book requests should be directed to the Central Assembly church. As I mention in the commentary below, Revelation of the Rapture, I believe the true story that is Angels On Assignment, to be divinely inspired, as significant as the books/letters Paul wrote, that make up portions of the New Testament in the Holy Bible. Do you grasp the enormity of that statement? Why not, if the Angel Gabriel, by the command of God Almighty, brings messages "for the world to hear", I believe that qualifies as divine inspiration, as inspired as the books in the Bible, which are also commentaries given by men who experienced God. Yes, I believe AoA is just as important as any other book in the Bible. The messages are a reiteration of what is already found in the Old and New Testaments. That is incredibly significant, since it's been almost 2000 years since Christ left this earth. It is a sure clue that we're in the last days, before He comes again. Because of the sacred nature of these messages, I have removed the previous information I had below, referencing various books and ministries, so that the focus of this web site will be solely about the last word, if you will, that God has given this world, before the final harvest begins (Rapture, Tribulation, Second Coming). God Bless - Webmaster

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Webmaster's Special Commentary: There are far too many conspiracy web sites out there preaching doomsday in 2011 (then 2012, etc.) and all kinds of false teaching (speculation) by many self-proclaimed 'prophets' on YouTube, claiming to have special revelation, prophecies (many that never came true), dreams, and other paranormal experiences, speculating about, and some against, the Rapture, this disaster, that wave of God's judgment, etc. Some claim (years ago, it was right on our doorstep) a rogue Planet X was heading our way (conveniently hidden behind the sun; still not visible years later), know who the anitchrist is (again), preach the need for survival preparations to survive the antichrist, you name it. If you'll look closely, those topics were addressed by God in this book (Ch. 6), and the sequel book, and the Book of Revelation, which we are NOT presently in, as others falsely teach. The events chronicled in the Book of Revelation are coming, but as of 2016 it has NOT started yet. Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians undeniably reveals the Rapture 'mystery'. Scripture is very clear, contrary to all the confusion out there. If any you know are preaching against the Rapture event, they're teaching falsely, ignorantly. HERE is what I believe to be the truth about the 7 Feasts, the Rapture, Great Tribulation and Second Coming in the near future, all covered by the truth reiterated in Angels On Assignment. God does not intend that we be confused about His Plan, formed before the foundations of the earth. Read HERE